Top 5: Best Computer Screen Protectors 2017 for Eye Strain

If you care about your eyes then isn’t it time to take the necessary steps to prolong the health of your eyes? As a matter of fact, we are made with only 2 eyes, 2 ears, one nose and one brain to take care of. These human organs can only take so much punishment and if not looked after a failure of these tender organs can be devastated that’s why we at Protectorforeyes came up with a Top 5: Best Computer Screen Protectors 2017 for Eye Strain.


Well as a matter of principle these screen protectors is not only suitable for Typists but can be used for gaming or casual browsing. So isn’t it time to give your eyes the best possible protection it deserves?


  1. Kantek LCD Anti-Glare Monitor Screen Protector


Not only is the Kantek LCD Anti-Glare Screen Protector a top notch eye protector but it is also a good investment to protector your monitor from damages like unnecessary scratches and dust. Kantek monitor screen protectors come in different sizes to fit the most popular LCD/HD monitors.


The most important feature is the ability to reduce strain on the eyes by reflecting the dangerous blue light away from the eye that can cause damage to the retina. The frameless design protects the monitor while cleaning and installation are made easy.


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  1. Blue Light Screen Protector Panel by Accurate Films


The Blue Light Screen Protector allows a distortion-free view while enhancing viewing visibility to the monitor. Several layers of coating are applied to give the acrylic panel the best possible performance to help with several factors including a scratch resistant surface, reducing blue light that causes eye strain and anti-flickering of monitor glare.


The panel performs really well while reducing bad light and enhance good light making the colors appear more appealing to the eyes. Overall performance tested off the Blue Light Screen Protector shows that an average of 45% of blue light is reduced meaning you’ll be able to get a higher quality viewing without the dangerous HEV blue light.


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  1. 3M Anti-Glare Filter for Widescreen LCD Desktops


At number 3 we have the 3M Anti-Glare Filter designed for widescreen LCD Desktops. No matter your screen size 3M got this covered with sizes ranging from 12.5-inch all the way up to 24.0-inch widescreens. The filter is lightweight, frameless and easy to apply. Once applied it can be re-applied to any other LCD screen providing it’s the same screen size.


The filter protects the monitor from scratches and helps reduce eye fatigue caused by dangerous UV lights. The filter is applied with the help of clear adhesive strips which can be removed and numerous times re-applied.


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  1. Kuzy – Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector Filter

Kuze offers high-quality Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protectors that comes in two models: A1311 and A1418 which is their newest release. Note: This Anti-Glare filter will only fit iMac with a 21.5’’ screen. Apart from main the main features, this filter has to offer like reducing eye strain and protecting your valuable iMac from scratches it has also other features which are the ability to enhance your touch screen experience on your iMac.


Applying the matte screen filter can be a pain in the butt and I found some people who complain about getting dust trapped between the monitor and filter but when applied to the letter than I don’t see any problems like irritating bubbles or dust getting trapped. At number 5 on our list of Best Computer Screen Protectors 2017 for Eye Strain we have:


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  1. PcProfessional Computer Screen Protector with High-Quality Microfiber Cloth


PcProfessional Anti-Glare Computer Screen Protector is made from high-quality electrostatic material reducing screen radiation that may harm your eyes. The anti-glare filter provides for a scratch resistant surface and which can be used on both a laptop screen and computer monitor screen. This flexible screen is easy to apply, anti-fingerprint resistant as well as scratch resistant. A high-quality microfiber cloth is included for cleaning purposes.


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Final Thoughts

Did you know that more than 70 million people suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome? CVS/Computer Vision Syndrome is caused by staring at the computer screen for hours at a time causing your eyes to produce symptoms like red eyes, burning eyes, itching and dry eyes. With the help of some easy apply able methods explained here these symptoms can be reduced and overcome. If you’re still unsure then you might want to read on what are the Benefits of the Anti-Glare Screen Protector.


These Best Computer Screen Protectors 2017 for Eye Strain we’ve reviewed above is only best for computer monitors but in addition, we also get anti-glare filter screens for Smartphones, Tablets, and even Television Sets.