How to Choose the Best Cell Phone Screen Protectors

The screen protector is a perfect solution to minimize damage to all types of electronic devices. The best cell phone screen protectors will come in a variety of materials that will increase the ability to provide the right protection. additionally, it will minimize the scratches on the screen. Our picks for the best cell phone screen protectors:

iPhone 6S Glass Screen ProtectorCompatible with: iPhone 6S / iPhone 6 Plus
Protect your Screen Against Scratches and Drops
HD Clarity
Bubble Free Installation
Samsung Galaxy S4 Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorBubble Free Adhesives
Easy Installation
Highly Responsive
HD Clarity
iPhone 7, 6S, 6 Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorUltra Clear High Definition
Highly Durable
Scratch Resistant
Includes: 2 Glass Protectors, Wet/Dry and Squeeze Card
Google Pixel Screen ProtectorUltra Clear with 99.9% Clarity
Much more Flexible
Includes: 2 Screen Protectors, Wet/Dry Wipes and Dust Removal Stickers
ArmorSuit Military Shield for Samsung Galaxy S6Matches the contours of your phone
Self Healing Technology for Small Scratches
Amazingly Thin and Ultra Clear
Galaxy Note 4 Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorScratch Resistant
Shock Resistant
True Touch Sensitivity
Includes: 1 Tempered Glass Protector, 1 Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloth, 1 Alcohol Prep Pad and 1 Dust Removal Tape

Here are some helpful tips that you will need to keep in mind when choosing the right accessory.

You probably should not rely on the manufacturer’s website for the price of any cell phone screen protector and cover combo. Most brands will mark up their prices quite high on their websites. You have to check the online stores when you are choosing your cover. Many of the screen protectors will be covered by a lifetime warranty.  Make sure that you  get them from official re-sellers of the covers.

Case type:
There will be various types of cases. When choosing the best cell phone screen protector and case, choose one that is appropriate and that will fit your needs. The thin cases will be good enough to handle  daily light usage. It will prevent scratches on the back of your brand new phone. If you want heavy protection, then it would be best to choose  a rugged case. These will offer more piece of mind if you are a bit more rough with your phone. These cases will come with plenty of protection but you will end up getting more weight added to your device.

Types of screen protectors:

PET Film:
This is one of the most common choices on the market and it will provide plenty of benefits. The best cell phone screen protectors in this category will vary from plain to matte finishes.

The intention of the liquid screen protector will give the portable device long term protection against the scratches and leaves the screen feeling smooth. This type of screen protector will have the ability to provide twice the protection of the traditional films.

Tempered glass:
The tempered glass screen protector is an option that is comparable to the thin plastic choices. Tempered glass has a thickness and gives a feel much like the original screen. Installing the tempered glass screen protector is usually easier than the film screen protector.

Advantages of using a screen protector:

The purpose of a screen cover is to save the device from the damage.  You can also enhance your protection by using an anti-glare option. Discover those advantages here.

The luster from the original screen disappears within a few days. If you are using a screen cover, the clear vibrant image you started with will remain for much longer. This will definitely enhance your mobile experience.

Another by-product of the best cell phone screen protectors, is a reduction in the light that is emitted from the cell phone. This will certainly please a user’s eye when you are using the phone for long hours.
Screen protectors act as a natural covering to protect your screen against dirty finger prints.

Choosing the best cell phone screen protectors, which are an important accessory, will safeguard your cell phone from damages for years to come.



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