Top 5: Best Waterproof Bluetooth Foldable Keyboards in 2017

Portable, flexible, washable, chargeable and even wireless is just some of the main features we’ve discovered researching this Top 5: Best Waterproof Bluetooth Foldable Keyboards in 2017.  Whether you’re a student, physician, professor or working in a library these keyboards offers a silent typing experience in environments that need absolute silents.

Top 5: Best Waterproof Bluetooth Foldable Keyboards in 2017

Best Waterproof Bluetooth  Foldable Keyboards in 2017


  1. CHINFAI Silicone Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Keyboard


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Turn your Apple iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad mini 2 or 3 and even you’re Amazon Fire HD in a mini computer with the CHINFAI wireless Bluetooth keyboard. It’s designed to be waterproof, dustproof, flexible and portable for easy travel without the worries to get damaged in luggage.


The keyboard has a build-in Lithium battery for cable recharge and can operate for hours on a single charge. FDA approved materials is used to manufacture the CHANFAI Waterproof Bluetooth Keyboard making it environmental and kids friendly.


Pairing the keyboard with other devices is easy and you don’t need any special software to start working on this silent type keyboard. Due to its flexibility the keyboard has no feet to elevate for an angle typing experience. The CHINFAI comes in 3 different colors pink, blue and black to choose from.

CHINFAI Silicone Wireless Keyboard Portable Flexible Foldable mini KeyboardWaterproof and foldable bluetooth keyboard
Soft and silent designed
fit for iPad mini/iPad mini 2/iPad mini 3/Apple iPad Air/iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus/Samsung tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 4/Amazon Fire HD and so on
Built-in lithium battery
Waterproof bluetooth keyboard, CHINFAI Silicone Wireless Keyboard Portable Flexible Foldable mini Keyboard


  1. LinDon-Tech Flexible Wireless Waterproof Roll-up Bluetooth Keyboard


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The LinDon Wireless Roll-up Bluetooth Keyboard is smaller than the average keyboard with a length of 10’’ and width of 3.5’’. With the use of advance Bluetooth technology connection to different devices such as iPad’s, Tablets and Windows operating systems connectivity is effortless. The keyboard uses a build-in Lithium battery for recharge capabilities which can last up to a couple of days on a single charge. The connection distance between the LinDon Waterproof Keyboard and the receiver is around 10 meters.


Typing on a roll-up keyboard whether it is the LinDon or any other silicone keyboard can sometimes be frustrating especially when keys do not register that’s why it’s important to have a firm press in the middle of the keys to register.


The lifespan of the LinDon Roll-up Waterproof Keyboard is about 5 million keystrokes and has a build-in energy saving mode to preserve battery life. Choose between black, pink or red to compliment your device.

LinDon-Tech Pretty Portable Flexible Wireless Waterproof Washable Silicone Roll-up Bluetooth KeyboardBuilt-in rechargeable battery
Washable and hygienic
Super light
Compatible with Windows/Android/IOS
LinDon-Tech Pretty Portable Flexible Wireless Waterproof Washable Silicone Roll-up Bluetooth Keyboard


  1. iWerkz Waterproof Folding Bluetooth Keyboard


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The iWerkz easily pairs with Bluetooth enabled devices which also includes iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Smartphone’s. The foldable designed keyboard is waterproof for those unpleasant spilled surprises that one may encounter. The protective case doubles as a stand for your Tablets or Smartphone’s. The keyboard’s layout is a bit different from the typical keyboard and can take a while to get used to when typing.


Up to 4 hours is recommended for a full charge using the USB cable that is provided with the waterproof keyboard and protective case. A typical full charged Lithium Battery can last up to 3 days depending on the time used. Furthermore the iWerkz Waterproof Bluetooth Keyboard has a standby period of up to 30 days when not in use.


The iWerkz keyboard should be used on a flat steady surface when pressing the keys otherwise you will have a difficult time registering the keys. Should you need a portable waterproof keyboard companion than the iWerkz will make a great accessory for most Bluetooth enabled devices?

Waterproof Folding Bluetooth Keyboard
Pairs with Bluetooth®-enabled devices
Protective case doubles as a stand
Waterproof & dustproof
46-Hour run time
Waterproof Folding Bluetooth Keyboard, Rechargeable, Compatible with iOS and Andriod devices


  1. 1byone Folding Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


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The 1byone Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard works with any Bluetooth enabled device as long as it supports Bluetooth 3.0 and above. Supported devices includes but not limited to Amazon Fire Stick, Rasperri PI, Amazon ire TV, Kindle Fire and PS4.


This mini keyboard is foldable with a “V” shape design reducing hand fatigue while performing extensive hours of typing. The keyboard is ultra-thin, ultra-light, portable and foldable making it small enough to fit in your trouser’s pocket or small hand bag.


The ibyone is probably the lightest mini keyboard available on the market with a weight of 176g and a folded size of 6.2’’ *4’’*0.5’’ and when unfolded 12.9’’*4’’*0.23’’. It takes about 2 hours for full battery charge which can last for up to 40 hours of continuous use and a standby mode of up to 30 days. The mini wireless keyboard is wrapped in high end leather giving it a fashionable design with super tactile texture. Bluetooth connectivity is reachable for up to 33ft.

1byone Folding Bluetooth Keyboard,Portable Bluetooth Mini Wireless KeyboardErgonomic Design
Ultra Portable
Long-lasting Battery
PU leather, with super tactile texture and fashionable design
Signal distance up to 33ft (10m).
1byone Folding Bluetooth Keyboard,Portable Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard


  1. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Android Devices and Windows Tablets


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Probably the most expensive foldable mini keyboards on the market. Like we all know is Microsoft a high quality brand and don’t fall victim to low quality products. Well there is no exception to this rule with the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard that is making it way on our Top 5: Best Waterproof Foldable Bluetooth Mini Keyboards in 2017. The keyboard consists of a full size key set and also provides fast and accurate typing experience. This Universal foldable keyboard can pair up to 2 devices simultaneously.


The mini keyboard has a nice fresh looking design, comfortable to carry around and uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology that makes it consuming less power than devices that uses 3.0 Bluetooth technologies. With a full recharge the battery can last up to 3 months of usage so you don’t have to worry of charging the battery for extensive periods of time.


Easily connect and disconnect the Bluetooth connection by simply open or closing the Microsoft Foldable Keyboard.  Together with the water repellent keyset and fabric the mini keyboard is designed to be spill resistant.

Microsoft Universal Foldable KeyboardWorks across devices
Ultra-thin and lightweight
utilizing latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology
Spill-resistant design
Rechargeable battery provides up to three months of usage
Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and Windows tablets



Final Thoughts


Roll-up keyboards is probably most affordable keyboards because there is not much mechanical hardware that goes into the production of these keyboards. It’s recommended to clean these Best Waterproof Bluetooth Foldable Keyboards in 2017 that we’ve reviewed above with some soaked alcohol wipes or wiping them with water based materials.


These mini keyboards not only provide for better portability but reduce clutter while cutting the cords like these mechanical keyboards. These mini keyboards are not designed for gaming that’s why we recommend these Gaming Keyboards for gamers.