Best Earbuds with Good Bass

Review of the Best Earbuds with Good Bass

Looking for the best earbuds for bass? You have come to the right place. We have several selections for your review. Sometimes you just have to have that good quality bass. These earbuds come in many different styles and colors. Some are feature rich and some are just simple but have great sound. Many of these earbuds are under $30. Getting the best earbuds with good bass and at a great price? I hear that! So if you want to get the best earphones for bass and sound quality read on.

Actionpie In-ear Headphones Earbuds

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The Actionpie In-ear Headphones Earbuds, one of the best in-ear headphones for bass, uses magnetic neodymium iron magnet strongest drive units with high-performance drivers system. 6.00MM custom permanent magnets, high performance moving coil unit, exclusive tuning technology triband clear, unique sensing technology, ultimate balance between sophisticated technology, a metal casing for prevention of noise and vibration. Some of the features of this headphone are: it has a superb sound with high definition, lightweight design which is ideal for listening during exercise or every day wear, it has a compactable model, high attenuation of ambient sounds, tonally balanced audio with deep low notes.

Diivoo Wired Earbuds In-Ear Headphones

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The wired earbuds in-ear headphones is a sound isolating earphone with metal housing and strong bass-driven stereo sound that provides good listening and sound calling experience. Some of the features of this product are: it is incredibly light and has a unique ergonomic design, it has a built-in mic for more explicit conversation. They are made up of different sizes that best suit ears of different sizes; they are compatible with all 3.5mm audio cable jack devices and smartphones, these earbuds have tangle-free flat cables with soft touching giving you a frustration-free listening, inline remote with volume and a receive/send phone control.

Panasonic drops360° LUXE Premium In-Ear Stereo Headphones

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Panasonic has delivered another one of the best in-ear headphones for bass. This in-ear headphone offers premium sound and powerful bass with 13.5mm coil drivers, it is compatible with smartphone and is remote for blackberry, android, and apple audio devices. Some of the features of this products are: it has a high-grade cord minimize distortion and large aluminum housing, tonally balanced audios with crisp sound. Broader frequency response for fuller listening enjoyment, lively sound quality for recorded audios, long audio port design for superior noise isolation, it has powerful bass and is also perfect for travel because it has pouch included.

Betron YSM1000 Headphones, Earbuds

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The look of Betron YSM1000 Headphone is for everyone who wants the best earbuds with good bass, they are made of durable metals and a transparent chords which make the wiring visible, they have a fantastic headphone connector. They have an excellent sound performance, noise cancellation isolation, robust stereo and bass sound, ideal to be used for iPod, iPhone, mp3, and CD players. Some of the components of the inside box are Metal Y connector, adjustable clip, metal body, eight earbuds, two memory foam earbuds, soft black storage pouch with a snap shut/open action. Is this the earbud with best bass around? Maybe not, but at this price, it is a good bargain indeed.

Sony MDR-XB50AP/R Extra Bass Earbud Headset

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With this extra bass one will enjoy deep bass response with smartphone playback control and integrated mic control; this earphone has a 12mm unit that delivers powerful sound while the hybrid silicone earbuds ensure a secure fit. The features of this earbuds are: it has a powerful sound because it is specially designed high energy magnets with powerful bass that perfectly complements today’s music genres. Bass duct design for high level of sound isolation, smartphone playback control, comfortable fit designed to reduce ambient noise and to fine-tune your fitment. Convenient case and tangle free cable which enables you to get caught up in your music and it is also made up of a small carry pouch included to store your new headphones.

Earbuds, UiiSii DT200 In-Ear Headphones

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This headphone is designed for comfort. It has a stylish look and a superior sound quality that will make you fall in love with music. This headphone will bring you to a new music world. Some of the features of this headphones are: it has natural dual drivers that create reverse sounds and cancels noise, it has a solid sound-insulating material that reduces sound noise while minimizing the sound leakage. It is the best headphone for gym/running and sports; it has in-ear headphones with mic that are suitable iPhone/Android, it is very convenient to get access to hands-free calls, it has a waterproof microphone and volume control, it is advantageous and comfortable, and it has broad compatibility.

Audiophile Quicksilver Earbuds / Earphones, In-Ear Headphones with Mic

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The features of this headphones are: they are made up of built-in buttons that can be used to answer calls, skip tracks, and adjust volumes, they are made up of a microphone which is made up of HD in-line mic. They are best at isolating sounds, and this is achieved because they have dual drivers. They are designed for your listening device:-this gives you a powerful sound from every device(Android, Samsung, HTC, etc.). It has the best quality parts with an unbelievable value, it is made up of three sets of butter-soft silicone tips that make it most comfortable for your ears, it also has a lossless copper cable, and they are incredibly durable. An excellent choice for getting the best in-ear headphone for bass for your money.

Senzer S10 Earbuds Noise-isolating Earphones Bass In-Ear Headphones

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These headphones have the following features: a more great frequency and this enables you to hear everything, adopt high-resolution technology, high-resolution reproduction of the original sound, high sample rates. Superior sound enhanced by a sealed acoustic design for better immersion in your music, convenient, snug earbuds that conform instantly to your ears, three pair of ultra-soft earpads, less noise with more music make this an excellent choice for the best earbuds with good bass. It also has a stable metal housing made up of stainless steel and nylon sleeve for longevity.

Marsno M1 Wired Metal In-Ear Headphones, Noise Isolating Stereo Bass Earphones

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Marsno M1 is engineered with high-quality dynamic drivers that pump out deep bass and balanced crisp highs, create a fun and inspiring experience the best bass in earbuds, they are designed with solid insulating materials and with this you can enjoy the real life of music. Some of the features of this earphones are: it has a stereo bass sound and noise insulating, it is made up of an aluminum alloy housing, a compact, and lightweight design which makes it the perfect choice to be used when traveling and exercising. It has a durable and long cord and a 1-button inline control which gives one the power to perform specific functions.

High-Quality Headphones With Mic Metal Housing Wired Earphones

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This is an earphone with high and superior sound quality. Many would say it is one of the earbuds with best bass. Some of the features of this set are wide soundstage, long time durability, hands-free, universal compatibility which makes it very useful in very many devices such as(iPhone, iPod, Note series, Android devices, Mp4, Mp3, jack smartphones). They are also made up of premium accessories which include three pairs of bass boost, three pairs of sound boost ear tips, one pair of premium memory foam tips, one pouch and cable clip, one pair of double pair flange ear tips.


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The Sony MDR-XB90EX is quite possible our top choice for  best earbuds for bass you can find on the market, which are affectionately named “king of bass”. The Sony MDR products are known to be outstanding products and this particular product is the uncontested winner of the 1st pick of best bass earbuds. They are designed for serious audiophiles who want to take listening to heavy bass music to a new level. In this headphone, the combination of all the useful features, extreme sub-bass, and excellent build quality will make you smile. Some of the amazing features are:

Fit: the weight of this earbud isn’t a problem even though they are quite bulky because they have a proper fit, it also has a good seal which you would not have to readjust once found. Passive sound isolation is also good, put them in and enjoy your music. This also aids in making them the best noise canceling earbuds.

Comfort: its in-ear design fits nicely into ears, you can see the earbuds sticking to your ears, which is a fantastic feature of this headphone.

Durability: the build of this product is great and don’t have any design flaws, you can easily carry them around and throw them at any time in your bags, they will last forever. They are also made of tangle-free wires which are coated in rubbery plastics.

Sound: the bass is apparent and precise if you put the volume to a reasonable high level, it feels like they can break your eardrums. This bass is also worth the price and they will make you feel you have a subwoofer in your head most especially when you power them with a quality amplifier. Other features of this headphone are: they are made of direct vibe structure which forms an acoustically-tight seal around your ears, thus maximizing sound isolation to deliver pure bass power directly. It has an angle-duct with which you can hear a clear high-range sound that complements your extra bass, maximum comfort provision while you keep the earbuds from falling out, tangle free separated cord with tiny gloves around its surface that help to reduce mess and tangling. A vertical in-ear design which allows for a lighter more slim headphones making them all more comfortable for long listening sessions.

If you are serious about bass and love heavy bass music, the XB90EX earbuds are the ones that will blow your mind. With no doubt, the Sony MDR-XB90EX is the best earbud available today for bass lovers and audiophiles alike.

Best Earbuds with Best Bass

Who wants to listen to more bass than music? Bass Earbuds are capable of producing a stunning amount of bass with their enhanced drivers that will turn your listening experience into an exciting cinematic ride. The bass from these earbuds are the tightest, most profound, and the most ear throbbing you can find around with an excellent sound quality rating. They will rock your world and transform your music listening experience like never before. They are authentic audiophiles bass head and are selling at excellent prices. For extremely good bass earbuds, here are some points to remember:

Sound quality: The best bass earbuds have very fantastic acoustics with sophisticated technology, apart from playing punchy and deep bass, you would want to hear other ranges as well because music isn’t the only bass.

Sound Isolation: sound isolation is essential for experiencing rich and full sound, many in-ear monitors offer great protection from outside noise, the quality of the fit is crucial for experiencing deep bass with any in-ear monitor.

Durability: not all headphones are equal, while others don’t last long, there are some built from sturdy materials that last longer, so be sure to know the kind of model you are looking for and know what to expect.

Comfort: one of the points to also consider in getting best earbuds for bass is the comfortability of the earbud in your ears, the comfortability also covers the durability and the amount you should spend over the earbuds.

Size: earbuds come in various shapes, and so, one of the factors to be considered is the size of the earbud. Maybe you want the best earbuds for small ears. The size matters a lot as small-sized earbuds easily get fitted into the ears, and that also do not allow outer noise to come in.

Most of the best earbuds with good bass, as well as wireless earbuds, have certain amazing and beautiful features in common: they are highly comfortable- you can wear them for hours, they have a weather resistant design, and they are sweat resistant. They are engineered and tested for durability and lasting quality, easy switching between music and calls, universal mic and remote, reflexive finish and comfortable fit, good noise isolation, noise cancellation technology, high compatibility, and audio precision for super sound quality.

They also possess low-end frequency response with massive bass driver, sleek and lightweight appearance, incredible sound performance, portability, comfortability and fit IEM design, extremely handy to be used in gym and exercise, they have replaceable cables, and they have good comfort with right ear tip.