Top 8: Best VTech Educational Toy Laptops 2017 for Boys/Girls

Kids can single handedly destroy mom or dads Laptop whether it is the hardware or accidentally delete important documents you’ve been working on for ages. It’s always the best solution to give them something that they can call their own like one of these Best VTech Educational Toy Laptops 2017 for Boys/Girls.


Not only will these devices keep them busy for hours but will also offer a learning experience just like a real laptop. The market is over flooded with battery operated laptop toys so Techspotsolutions has rounded up the Best VTech Educational Toy Laptops 2017 for Boys/Girls to help with early mental and physical development while having hours of fun. Have a peek at our list of laptops for kids of all ages down below.


  1. VTech Tote and Go Laptop


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Let your kids explore endless hours of learning activities with the Tote and Go Laptop from VTech. This educational laptop offers over 20 fun learning activities each kid needs. Some of these features includes: learning number, letters, shapes, spelling, rhythms and more. The laptop also offers a full keyboard with easy to read buttons and a corded mouse just like the real deal. With the 3 adjustable sound levels settings you can be more comfortable knowing he/she gets the perfect sound for their tiny ears.


Furthermore the laptop can be connected to a real computer to download extra games, music and stories for endless activities. VTech also included a handle so your kid can carry it with them on road trips or a friend’s house.


  1. VTech’s Baby Learning Laptop


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The Baby Learning Laptop teaches the tiny tot the feeling of shapes and music. This smart learning toy comes in 2 colors (pink and blue) for boy and girl age 6 months to 3 years. This educational toy is packed with 90 sing-along songs, music, sound and fun phrases each toddler would love. The perfect size moveable mouse brings a new dimension to this fun toy producing a stronger hand grip to the little ones.


  1. VTech Brilliant Laptop


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This travel ready toy laptop teaches toddlers ages 6 months to 3 years early motor skills each kids need to adopt. Let them interact with 115 sing-along songs, melodies and phrases perfecting their early age vocabulary. While mom or dad is busy with their daily tasks kids will have blast learning animal sounds, explore colors and shapes with VTech’s Brilliant Laptop.


VTech’s Brilliant Laptop is also adopted with a moveable mouse to interact with the light-up screen. A chunky carry handle makes it fun and easy to carry the laptop around through the house and on the go. Give them the give of a VTech Brilliant Laptop.


  1. VTech Bear’s Baby Laptop


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Moving down our list of Best VTech Educational Toy Laptops 2017 for Boys/Girls we have the VTech Bear’s Baby Laptop. This baby laptop adopted Cora the bear who millions of children adore. This colorful laptop comes in two colors pink and non-pink to choose from. Bear’s baby laptop is the perfect fit for toddlers 0 to 3 years old. Infants will gain knowledge at an early stage identifying shapes, numbers and have fun singing along with the 40 sing-along songs the baby laptop has to offer.


The directional mouse that’s integrated into the laptop will help kids encourage interaction skills along with hand and eye directional movements. This pretend laptop toy features a durable design with an automatic shut down when not in use to preserve battery life.


  1. VTech Tote and Go Laptop with Web Connect


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The VTech Tote and Go Laptop with Web Connect are considered to be an upgrade of its predecessor the Tot and Go Laptop. This chunky kid’s laptop works like the real deal helping your kid to develop early computer skills. As far as our little ones is concerned if it is looking and working like the real deal then it is the real deal. This Tote and Go Web Connect Laptop boast a full keyboard and easy to read buttons for various games and activities. It also features a mini USB corded mouse that can be used on uneven surfaces.


Spur their young minds to interact with instrumental playing animals, colors, numbers and fun songs to sing along with. Young ones will also have the ability to differentiate between capitalized letters, identifying shapes, letters and improve their numeric intelligence. In addition parents can connect the Tote and Go Web connect Laptop to a PC to download even more games and activities.


So what makes this educational laptop toy so special? Integrated into this kids friendly laptop is the Net Pals Activity program which allows kids to socialize with animal by sending their furry friends postcards and even curate their own fish tank.


  1. VTech Disney Princess Sofia the First Learning Laptop


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Here’s is a laptop for your little princess in your house called the VTech Disney Princess Sofia the First Learning Laptop. This beautifully designed kid’s laptop will allow your baby daughter to learn like a princess.


This early development educational laptop features 12 princess games and 4 modes of interactive play teaching the little one numbers, phonics, math and music.  Sofia the First Learning Laptop makes games and activities fun with the animated LCD screen that provides a visual experience for kids.


The Sofia Princess Toy includes a carry handle making it fun to take along to road trips or a friend’s house. This beautiful crafted kid’s laptop is intended to be used for children between ages 2 – 5 years old.


  1. VTech Disney Cars Lighting McQueen Learning Laptop


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Who doesn’t love the movie sequel cars featuring the amazing Lighting McQueen? Well VTech incorporated Lighting McQueen transforming it into a Learning Laptop for kids. The laptop for kids is packed with fun playful activities that will keep them busy for hours. Further features include a QWERTY keyboard, an animated voice of Lighting McQueen, 30 learning activities teaching the little one numbers, words, math and logic.


The tired shaped mouse ads an additional element to this early development kids learning toy. This is definitely any kids dream to cruise the highway with the Lighting McQueen Learning Laptop.


  1. VTech Genius Notebook


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Last on our list of Best VTech Educational Toy Laptops 2017 for Boys/Girls is the VTech Genius Notebook. The Genius Notebook looks like the real deal with an animated LCD screen and real mouse. This real like notebook engages kids with fun learning activities like music, math, vocabulary, phonic and much more.


It’s adopted with a Built-in Learning Progress System encouraging kid’s repeat and independent play. Some disappointing factors of the VTech Genius Notebook are the non-qwerty keyboard and the screen size is not well lit but overall this shouldn’t be much off a factor. This toy notebook is recommended for kids 4 – 12 years of age.


Final Thoughts

This brings us to our end of our list of Best VTech Educational Toy Laptops for Boys/Girls. All these Educational Toys like these previously reviewed Top 5: Hand and Eye Coordination Toys for Kids is extremely important to help with social, physical and mental health. It is therefore important to help each kid/toddler to develop these skill set such as motor skills, numeric skills and vocabulary skills at an early stage in their lives.