Top 3: Affordable Backyard Privacy Screens 2017

Privacy is and will always be important to human beings. Some of us like to have our private moments behind closed office doors while some of us love their privacy alone in our bedroom others like the outdoors, tanning in the sun on the porch. Well for those who love their outdoor privacy areas, will feel more revitalized staring into some gorgeous green fence with beautiful pattern designs, instead of some ugly gray walls. Here we have compiled a list of Affordable Backyard Privacy Screens that can be me installed in a matter of hours.


1. Windscreen4less Artificial Backyard Privacy Screen Fence


The Windscreen4less pre-fabricated artificial privacy fence can be installed in a matter of minutes. It has a natural look and feels to it. Leaves are attached to the panel providing a stronger combination against nature’s elements like wind and rain. These artificial panels provide maximum UV protection against the sun’s rays extending the lifespan of the privacy screen fence.

Maintenance is minimal as it only needs to be sprayed with water to clean dirt off. The ivy screen is not only serving the purpose of privacy screen protector but it also serves as a decoration for your backyard, porch, and walkways.

• Privacy screen protector and decorator
• Minimum maintenance
• UV stabilized leaves
• Hassle free setup
• 1 Year warranty manufacturing and workmanship defects

The Windscreen4less Privacy Screen Fence is Available Over at Amazon


2. Deck and Fence Privacy Netting Screen


Keeping your outdoor life more private always comes at a cost but in this situation the cost is minimal. The Deck and Fence Privacy Netting Screen provide all the necessary privacy whether you’re sipping on some cocktails on the deck or just reclining on the patio. This privacy fence is made from Polyethylene which is 15’’ in length and 35’’ in height. The netting screen is weaved in and out but also allows for fresh air to breathe between the knitted areas.

• Durable and waterproof
• Easy to install
• Suitable for deck and patio areas

The Deck and Netting Privacy Screen is Available at Amazon


3. Alion Home Elegant Backyard Privacy Screens for , Pool, Balcony or Patio


If you are looking for an elegant outdoor privacy screen fence that can be fitted anywhere from the pool, balcony, patio or be used as a fence around the backyard then the Alion Home Elegant Privacy Screen might just be the perfect fit. This one of many Backyard Privacy Fences from Alion is knitted with industry leading quality HDPE.

The backyard privacy screen provides up to 85% visible blocking while the knitted fabric is UV stabilized with eye-catching patterns.
Included with the Alion Mesh Windscreen is thick aluminum anti-rust grommets that can be installed 20 inches on all four sides. The economically attractive privacy protector allows for maximum air passage through the knitted fence.

• Quick and easy installation with zipping ties included
• Allows for up to 85% privacy
• Fade resistant and UV stabilized
• Ideal for patios, backyard, pools and balconies

The Alion Home Elegant Privacy Screen is Available at Amazon


Final Thoughts

These Affordable Backyard Privacy Screens we’ve mentioned above are not just easy to install but will last for many years. These outdoor privacy screens can be single-handedly extended without spending a fortune. So if you need some privacy from nosy neighbors and their prying eyes these backyard privacy screens will keep you private.