The Smart Lock That Locks Intruders Out

A smart lock is probably the most and if not the most important device of a truly smart, connected home. Some useful features of this device include: come and go as you please and secondly it will monitor your home when you are not there. There are even some newer models which let you use your Smartphone to operate the door. There are even some models which let you give special clearance to members of your family, friends, and workers. Here are some points to consider when you are in the market to buy a smart lock.



Probably the first thing that you want to consider is how much it will cost to upgrade your exciting lock to a more secure high-end smart lock. As can expect a standard type of lock would cost nothing more than a few dollars which you could easily pick up at a hardware store just around the corner.


Some of these hardware stores also sell smart locks but if you want a lock with features like push notifications, voice command, and fortified security then it is obvious that you will pay not less than a few hundred dollars for these types of smart locks.



Yes, some of these locks are easier to install then others. If your existing lock came with both, interior escutcheon (the outside mechanism you mount on the outside of the door) and an exterior mechanism (normally a touch pad) you should probably remove the lock completely.


Well here is some good news; you can use the holes that were pre-drilled for your standard type of lock to fit your new smart lock so you won’t have to drill new holes. Under normal circumstances and if nothing went wrong you can expect to spend an average of 15 minutes installing your new lock.



Smart Lock Features

Specific clocks have specific features. Modern smart locks let you lock and unlock your door with just a simple tap on an icon from your phone. Some even offer a web application so you can control your lock from anywhere in the world with the use of a laptop or desktop.


With Bluetooth enabled locks you need to be within range (around 40-50 feet) to activate these locks. Most modern smart locks come with activity logs so you’ll be able to see who entered or exit your home at a specific time.

smart lock

More and more smart locks that are introduced into the market come with features like auto lock, voice command, and geofencing. With geofencing, the lock automatically engages behind you even if you forgot to lock the door behind you. This is done by an app that pinpoints your exact location when you step out of the perimeter that you’ve set up.


With voice activation, you need to speak in a clear understandable tone for the lock to work. Voice activation is a straight forward process. The auto-lock feature will automatically lock the door if it has been disengaged for a specific time.



You even get smart locks that you can integrate with other home devices that are connected to your home networks like the Nest Protect Smoke Alarm and Amazon’s Alexa.


Here’s an example: you can have your doors automatically unlocked when the smoke alarm is triggered or even have your smart lights turned on when the door is unlocked.


Another great tip is that you can even pair your smart lock with your doorbell camera so you can exactly see who is at the front or back door before unlocking.


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