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In one of my previous articles Clever Anti-Theft Alarm Systems, the focus was mainly on alarm systems without wireless functions. Well in this featured article I’ll be reviewing the Fortress Wireless Home Security Alarm System. Generally, we would expect to install an alarm system especially if it is wireless that you would need a professional security company to do the setup. In fact installing the Fortress Wireless Alarm System can be done by even a novice.

The Fortress Range

The Fortress D.I.Y. Security System comes in various packages to choose from, ranging from the:

  • Fortress Security Store Window and Door Contact Sensor,
  • Fortress Security Store ™ GSM-A Home Security Alarm System,
  • Fortress Security Store ™ GSM-C Wireless Cellular Home Security Alarm System, etc.


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Features of the Fortress Home Security System


The D.I.Y. Home Security Alarm System comes with a fully programmable main unit and sensors. With the Fortress S02-A Wireless Home Security Alarm System, you’ll receive 2 motion sensors and 5 window/door contact points.

Even with a power failure, this Home Security Alarm System will continue to work with its 8.4 V rechargeable battery.
With the Fortress S02 you have a choice of using a Landline or VOIP when an alarm is triggered.


The system is programmed to dial up to 6 numbers when an intruder is detected in or around your house. By dialing the programmable number on your Smartphone you will automatically hear if any intruders are inside your home.


Tips on Installing an Alarm System


Before drilling holes for the alarm sensors I’ll suggest that you test all the sensors in different locations to get the best alarm sirens as possible. You don’t want to drill holes and then note that the sensors are too far apart or too close to each other because this could lead to a false alarm trigger.
If you are living in a house with multiple windows and doors then Home Security Alarm System - Fortress Rangeyou should consider to buying extra alarm sensors and motion detectors for a full security setup.
Please read the instructional manual carefully it will give you a better understanding of how the setup can work to your advantage.


What’s Inside the Box of the Fortress S02-A Wireless Home Security Alarm System?


• You’ll receive the main controller unit with automatic dialer
• 5 Door/Window contacts
• 2 Passive motion detectors
• 1 Alarm with an 110db volume
• 2 Keyfobs for automatic activation/deactivation of the alarm system
• 1 Panic Button for emergency
• 4 Alarm wiring stickers to put on your windows and doors
• 1 Power supply

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The Fortress Range makes a really smart passive security system that can be remotely operated. If you are not in a position to afford a security company monitoring your home than this Fortress Home Security System will be the perfect product on a small budget.

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