Prevent CVS with an Anti Glare Screen Protector

CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome can be a real pain in the butt for people who has to spend relentless hours staring at their computer screens. Studies have shows that between 50% and 90% of computer users suffer from one or another eye strain problem and yet some people to tend to ignore this problem. Several products like an anti glare screen protector, prescription glasses, and contact lenses can help you protect your eyes from contracting CVS.


Are There Other Ways to Relief Your Eyes From CVS?


Tweaking your monitor settings: dim your computer screen monitor by adjusting the screen resolution setting, brightness, color, contrast and font size help with putting not too much strain on your eyes.
Take a break from the computer: It is good practice to take reasonable intervals or breaks away from the computer so your eyes can be in a more relaxed state. A 20 to 30-minute break should help.
Reduce glare: reducing glare by installing an anti glare screen protector or installing a dimmer switch can dramatically reduce eye strain and protecting your eyes from CVS.


Installing a light dimmer: This is another effective way to release stress on eyes by installing a light dimmer so there would be a sharp reflection on the screen.


Anti Glare Screen Protector for Monitor

Anti glare screen protector

This anti-glare screen protector has two small arms that get fixed to the computer screen and installing takes only a few seconds. Taking it off is just as easy as putting it on and won’t damage your monitor in any way.


Not only will this protect your eyes from fatigue but it will also protect your valuable investment from unforeseen scratches. This is a frame-less anti-glare screen which will still show the original monitor with its borders.


This filter is a bit tinted so the back light of the monitor doesn’t shine through as bright, leaving your eyes more relaxed. This anti glare screen protector also comes with an additional buffing cloth to clean surface marks and dust away. You also may be interested in reading the review on this computer screen wipes under $20 if you are in need of some extra wipes.


Please note: To get the perfect fit for your monitor your need to measure the height and width from the inside corners of your monitor.


• Reduce eye fatigue and help with CVS
• Enhance monitor contrast
• Light tint display on surface for
• Frame-less surface protects your monitor for scratches


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Anti-Glare Computer Screen Protector

Anti glare screen protector

Did you know that more than 10 million people visit eye care specialists each year for Computer Vision Syndrome related issues? By spending constantly more than 2 hours staring at your monitor screen you have a 90% chance of developing CVS. Computer Vision Syndrome can lead to up to 20% decrease in work productivity. Always remember the 20-20-20 rule which can help in decreasing contracting CVS.


Another excellent filter that can help protecting your eyes is the PRIVI anti-glare computer screen protector which also has the ability to privatize your screen. This filter protects your private work from prying eyes which can’t be seen outside of a 60-degree angle. This screen protector prevents 96%UV rays and 99% of LF radiation which is a major contribution to eye fatigue, headaches, and eye strain.


Installing this computer screen protector is real easy and you won’t need any special tools or glue. You will also be able to reuse it as many times as you like placing it on another monitor. This protector sticks to the screen and doesn’t have any arm to fit over the monitor. This is suitable for a 24-inch screen with the following ratios 20 7/16’’ wide and 12 3/4’’ high.


• Not just a screen protector but also a privacy filter
• Protect your eyes from 96% UV and 99.9% LF radiation
• Decrease surface reflection of up to 5.8%
• Anti-scratch and reusable


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CVS can cause many serious effects on a person’s body like general fatigue, arm, wrist, shoulder pain, blurry vision, neck and shoulder pain and back pain so make sure that you take all necessary precautions in fighting this Computer Vision Syndrome.


Don’t forget to check out these anti glare screen protectors that I mentioned above and please share this article with someone you know that might find it helpful.


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