Whisper Quiet Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

Did you know that switching from a wired keyboard with high-density sound levels to a whisper quiet wireless keyboard can improve your typing experience and ultimately lead to a decrease in typing fatigue? These keyboards and mouse sets are specially designed for people who spend hours at a time typing and editing documents.

Whisper Quiet Keyboard and Mouse


This compact keyboard and mouse set is unlike any other keyboard set that takes up more than half your workstation space. This wireless keyboard with whisper quiet keys comes in a size that is only 18 x 4.8 x 1.7 inches in size.

With the easy plug and play installation that evens a novice is capable of just by inserting one AAA battery in the front upper right side and one in the bottom of the mouse connecting the unified receiver and your set to go.

Typing is very smooth and quiet which you won’t generally get on a normal keyboard. The small unified nano-receiver connects the mouse and keyboard through one USB port. Underneath the keyboard are two rubber grips that hold the keyboard in place when the two feet is folded inwards.

This wireless keyboard has a fully functional keyboard layout with some keys like the Home, Delete, Arrow up and Down that is positioned next to the keys that you normally use and would take some time to get used to it.

• Easy plug and play installation
• 2.4GHz wireless connection with one unified nano receiver
• Full keyboard layout with access to media controls
• Sleek keyboard and mouse with low profile, whisper quiet keys

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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set


This is another awesome wireless keyboard and mouse combo set for those who spend hours typing and editing documents. What make this keyboard an excellent little asset would low profile whisper quiet keys especially for women who cares for their finger nails?

Underneath the keyboard is two feet rests for a more ergonomic typing experience and two rubber feet for when the feet rest is in a folded position to prevent the keyboard from slipping. This is a full-size layout keyboard with access to media keys that is positioned in the left upper corner.

The ergonomically wireless designed mouse also has a low profile clicking sound almost as quiet as the keyboard itself. Both mouse and keyboard connect through one unified USB receiver saving you important USB ports.

The automatic sleep mode gets triggered after about 8 minutes saving you precious battery life and extra money. While the mouse tends to lag only for a split second when clicking it surely doesn’t overshadow all the positive aspects of this whisper quiet keyboard and mouse set.

• One unified receiver for both keyboard and mouse
• Reliable 2.4 GHz connection
• Whisper quiet keyboard and mouse
• Plug and play

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Whisper Quiet Wireless Keyboard


Well, another excellent choice to consider and worth every penny is the wireless keyboard and mouse set from Anker. This is a stylish sleek design that reduces clutter through a powerful 2.4 GHz frequency connecting keyboard and mouse through a unified nano receiver.

The extra large palm rest that’s attached to the keyboard reduces typing fatigue producing a more comfortable typing experience.

The low profile keys of this whisper quiet wireless keyboard produce a whisper quiet typing experience which ultimately leads to longer and more precious typing sessions. Instant access to multimedia keys like play, pause, volume up or volume down is just a button away. You can also read up on these pink and white wireless combo sets under $50 or even this wired keyboard with touchpad for professionals.

The wireless mouse with 3 adjustable DPI levels has 4 energy saving levels letting you save on battery power. The power saving mode automatically kicks in after 15 minutes of inactivity and resume activity with just a click of a button.

One minor con is the missing LED’s which only flash to show when the Num Lock and Caps Lock is on.

• Sleek, slim design for Windows
• Wireless 2.4 GHz connection
• Ergonomic palm rest
• 4 Energy saving modes
• 3 Adjustable DPI setting for mouse
• 2-in-1 Nano receiver

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Don’t for to check out these three whisper quiet wireless keyboard and mouse sets that I have mentioned above and don’t forget to leave a comment if you found this review helpful.  If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard, check out Top 5: Best Mechanical Keyboards 2017 for Gamers/Programmers.

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