Computer Screen Cleaning Wipes Under $20

As we all know dust can have a bad effect on electronic parts, whether it is inside our electronic equipment or outside on the surface like computer screens, tablets or Television sets. How we take care of our expensive equipment can mean extending its life span for another 5 years or more or putting down another payment within a few months for another Monitor, TV or Smart Phone. It is also of utmost important to rely on or use products that are organic, safe and odorless to clean your expensive gadgets. There is currently hundreds of computer screen cleaning wipes on the market but not all computer screen cleaning wipes are made out of the same products.



ScreenMom Screen Cleaner Kit – Include Premium Microfiber Cloth


This 5-star rating cleaning kit was designed for the end user in mind. This safe odorless screen cleaning kit won’t leave you with any Computer Screen Cleaning Wipes Under $20headaches or dizziness.


ScreenMom was designed and inspired by a group of women that wanted a product that is chemical free and safe to use around their children.



Product features of ScreenMom consist of:

• Affordable for any household
• Safe and natural – alcohol and ammonia free (plant base product)
• Odorless and safe for kids and pets
• Can be used for TV’s, Monitors, Tablet, and Smart Phones etc.


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6 Pack Magic Fiber Cleaning Cloths


This highly recommended screen cleaning wipes is available in different colors and quantities with the same quality guaranteed.


The Magic Fiber Cleaning Cloth is durable and will leave no marks,Computer Screen Cleaning Wipes scratches and smudges on any glass protected surface. While the cloth is made of premium materials, specially designed saw edges won’t tear easily even if used multiple times.


This computer screen cleaning wipes can be used in conjunction with cleaning detergents and each microfiber cloth is neatly packed in a separate plastic bag for longer safe keeping.


• Made of premium materials
• Leave zero scratch marks any glass protected surface
• Can be used with or without cleaning solutions
• Effective for any small lenses
• Backed with DigitalGoja 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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3 Pack Touch Screen Cleaner


This under $20 Computer Screen Cleaning Wipes comes in the form of a ball, 2 small and one large. A multipurpose screen cleaner that can be used on any glass surface like touch screens, TV’s, Tablets and even Computer Screen Cleaning Wipes spectacles.


The portable screen cleaner can be attached to a keychain so you won’t forget it at home. A chemical free cleaner so it can be used around kids and pets.


The Terri cloth comes in various colors that will suit your preference and some awesome features like:


• Remove stubborn dirt easily
• Very portable
• Chemical free to use around children and pets
• Multipurpose screen cleaner


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These computer screen cleaning wipes with its odorless and effective use can restore that beautiful glass look on any glass surface. Protect your valuable assets before it gets ruined through unnecessary dust and marks.


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