Kensington K55779WW Snap2 Blackout Privacy Screen Review

Kensington K55779WW Snap2 Blackout Privacy Screen 

Privacy is always a requirement whether for your line of work which includes high profile documents whose details need to be kept safe or at home to prevent unwanted viewing of any private information on your screen. To uphold the integrity of any on – screen vitals that you want to prevented from being out of any side angles, a smart investment is in privacy screens like the Kensington K55779WW Snap2 Blackout Privacy Screen.


They are polarised plastic sheets that are used to cover the entirety of your computer or television screen so as to ensure that no one can look into your word from the sides. However, the privacy screens, at least the good ones, are seamless from the front of the screen where you are working from ideally.


There are quite a few privacy screens on the market today to suit any and all screen protection needs, however, many of them fail to meet up to the standards of what a good privacy screen should do. A new one has joined the clan and it is whether it can stand by itself on the market while fulfilling is basic use is still to be decided.



Kensington K55779WW Snap2 Blackout Privacy Screen

The Kensington K55779WW Snap2 Blackout Privacy Screen, first of all, is a privacy screen designed by Kensington and at first glance, it has a very sleek design. The screen cover is darker but thinner than most and can be lightly and portably moved around with its un-obstructive yet sturdy clasps that allow the screen to be used without the need of adhesives or any other coating for glue.


The bracket not only attaches the screen cover easily, fluidly and without unnecessary framing, but it also fits monitors and screens of various shapes, curves and edges. The screen is also adjustable to fit all screens from 20 to 22 inches and has a textures surface which works well to reduce light glare.


The surface is hard coated to avoid damage to sensitive and thin screens.

The screen has an adjustable viewing angle to customise your privacy based on the particular context.

Suited for modern monitors with flat panels


Sits slightly away from the screen so the focus is impaired

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In conclusion, the Kensington K55779WW Snap2 Blackout Privacy Screen is perfect if you want a versatile and customisable privacy screen that will assure your information is kept private.


Kantek LCD Anti-Glare Filter

It has been proven by various computer studies professionals that excess glare from computer screens result in long term and long lasting negative effect on our eyes and even other parts of our body that can affect the brain. Because of this potentially damaging side effect of the light that comes from computer, monitor or television screens, the need and acquisition for an object or tool of prevention is necessary. As this subject is of high sensitivity, it is also important to know the kind of protection you are getting for your screen as well as your body.


Monitor screen Protector

New screen protectors are made daily and come with the claim of being able to protect from these harmful light are being created constantly, and they see called Anti-glare screen. These protectors are usually made of thin plastic panels which are place over the screen surface to prevent the dangerous light rays from escaping their filters.


Sometimes, these protectors come built inside the computers we buy, but as this is not yet a popular option yet, so manual protectors are still of high value and undoubted importance. But picking one and testing it to see if it does its job correctly is not possible, so reviews of customers who have tested it beforehand can be useful. The following is the review of the Kantek LCD Protect.


The Kantek LCD Protect Anti-Glare Filter is, first of all, made for filters from 21.5 to 22 and 22 to 24 inches wide. It also comes very light and completely seamless on the screen with hang – on handles that are strategically designed to remain un-obstructive of any speakers or cord holes as referenced from regular monitor configurations.


The screen improves the image quality while concentrating the contrast and the natural colours to achieve the monitors best resolution and clarity yet

It’s protects the screen from smudges, cracks, or any other damage

Incredible affordable and high quality

Elegant enough to compliment any monitor

Also contains Anti-Blue light and prevent penetrative of UV light as well as HEV blue light

Considerably reduces eye stress

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The Kantek LCD Protect Anti-Glare Filter is  highly recommended for any screen protection needs.


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