Don’t Strain Your Eyes- Use A Monitor Screen Protector

If you have a computer or a laptop and wish to protect it from damage then use a Kantek LCD Anti- Glare Filter. This monitor screen protector refines the image quality by diminishing the glare and intensifying contrast by also protecting LCD display screen.

How to use this product ?

monitor screen protector

Before choosing the screen to use the measuring instructions to make sure the choice is appropriate for your desktop or laptop.

It can be attached to the monitor with the help of the two hooks provided with the product itself.

It can be easily attached and removed without causing any problem to the monitor.

It is not attached using screw so it does not damage the desktop.

What are the pros and cons of this screen filter ?

The advantages are:-

It takes off the glare from the screen and reduces exhaustion of eyes for better viewing.

It has a very great look and has a classic design and feel and is also frameless.

It gives a vibrant and a very colorful display.

It lets people work near direct sources of light by ensuring little or no stress to their eyes.

It does not leave fingerprint marks on the screen and protects the LCD display screen.


It is very costly as it has a lot of features.

Vertically it does not provide a great viewing angle.

What is the best environment to use this product ?

It is best to use where the outside light is minimal and the arrangement and concentration of the light can be managed by the user. Users will get the best results when the brightness of the screen and the light sources around is minimum. It is very imperative to minimize the background lighting. If the pane used by the user is frosted or translucent they would always see a reflection of themselves on the screen.

Who should use this product ?

All those people who have to spend almost all their day staring at the laptop screen or desktop must definitely go for this product. This product not only reduces the irritation and redness of the eyes but also provides an amazing viewing. People who spend more than 7-8 hours on computers must definitely go and buy it although it is bit expensive it is totally worth the price.

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Blue Light Monitor Screen Protector Panel

monitor screen protector

Blue light screen protector panel is one of the best available panels which effectively blocks blue light emitted from the laptop and desktop screens. The panel contains several layers of coating on it like blue light reduction, hard coating, anti-flicker and scratch resistance. It provides distortion free viewing to the users.

How to use this product ?

If the user feels the blue light emitted by the screen is hurting the eyes one must use this screen protector.

The product is attached the desktop without any screw.

It is hung from the top of the desktop screen.

The design of the product is such that it can be easily installed and removed

Advantages and disadvantages of this product

Advantages :-

It blocks almost all of the perilous UV lights emitted from the screen protecting the eyes from damage.

It blocks the blue lights emitted by a hundred percent and allows the transparency of all the other colors to a great extent.

It reduces strain caused to the eyes because of viewing at the screen for a long period of time.

It is available in seven different sizes to fit almost any LED monitor screens.


If the lighting of the environment is not proper then the reflection of the user is visible on the panel.

The panel is a bit shiny and hence leaves glares.

Best Environment to use it

It would be best if the product is being used in a room which is very dimly lit as the panel is shiny it has a tendency to show a reflection of the user on the panel if the room is not dimly lit. The user must censure that sunlight does not enter the room in any manner. Place the computer or desktop in a manner where the windows are on the side.


Who should use this product ?

People who get frequent headaches and have red eye problem must definitely buy this product as it diminishes the blue light emission to a great extent which reduces strain. No matter how long the user sits in front of the computer it reduces the strain caused to the eyes. As it prevents blue light emission the users would also find reduced eye fatigue.

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Final Thoughts

Make sure to get a monitor screen protector to help combat computer vision syndrome. Make sure to leave a comment and share this article with someone who might also find it helpful.


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