Best Computer Glasses for People Suffering From CVS

It is easy to suffer from some eye problems such as red eyes, blurred vision, eye strain, and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS) when you’ve been working on a computer for any length of time. Even if you wear standard glasses, there may not be able to help you like these best computer glasses that we will be reviewing below.
These glasses can protect you from the glare of the computer or even TV screen. They are designed in such a way that gamers can wear it to play games for a considerable amount of time without feeling any of the symptoms that are associated with computer glare. Computer glasses, which are also called “gaming glasses” are designed to be anti-reflective and offer more protection for your eyes. Most of them are made to repel dust, water, and scratches.


Benefits of using computer glasses include:

 Prevent glare-induced headaches
 Create more color contrast on the computer screen
 Make objects on the screen appear larger
 Prevent dry eyes and eyestrain
 Prevent computer vision syndrome


Which Computer Glasses Should You Buy?

There are various types of computer glasses that you can get at very affordable prices. These glasses will help you prevent problems associated with staring at the computer screen for a very long time. They could also help experience better gaming or use your computer for longer periods of time.

Here Is the Best Computer Glasses You Can Buy Today

1. Gunnar Optiks INT-06701


Gunnar Optiks INT-06701 is one of the most popular computer glasses for gamers and those that use a computer for a long time. It comes with full rim and broad frame. You can get them in different shapes and sizes too. It weighs only 35-grams which mean they are lightweight and will properly balance to reduce pressure points and fight eye strain. It boasts of Amber tint which makes it ideal glasses for gamers.

Gunnar Optiks INT-06701 comes with a lens that is about 59 millimeters thick and anti-glare coatings. It is guaranteed to eliminate eye strain and headaches. The only negative for these glasses is that it requires constant cleaning.

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2. Jimmy Orange Anti-Glare Tinted Women’s Blue Light Blocking Men’s Computer Glasses



Jimmy Orange glasses are tinted women’s computer glasses with a swagger. It is meant exclusively for women. It comes in 4 different colors that include brown, black, matte black and leopard. The width is about 53mm and lens height is 33mm. These glasses boast of Amber yellow lenses with an anti-glare anti-reflective coating.
It is guaranteed to prevent dry eye, irritation and help you sharpen details to ease the strain to the eye. It even helps to filter blue light and UV to enhance contrast and protect your eyes.

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3. Gunnar Optiks PPK Unisex Gaming Glasses


Gunnar Optiks PPK Unisex Gaming Glasses deserves a spot in our top 5 List of Best Computer Glasses which is another solid computer glasses from Gunnar Optiks that is guaranteed to help you stay long on your computer without feeling the effect. These glasses are made from high-traction steel.

The lens that comes with it provides a clearer vision for gamers and anyone using these glasses as well. It helps to give you a better contrast and protect your eyes by filtering UV rays and blue. The thickness of the lens is about 57mm. It weighs only 25-grams. An additional benefit of these glasses is that it was designed to be used for both male and female. You can probably purchase one and share with your partner.

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4. Gamma Ray Flexlite GR006


Gamma Ray Flexlite GR006 is probably one of the best-selling computer glasses at the moment. It comes with Amber tinted lenses to help reduce the effect of glare caused by harmful blue light emitted from your computer screens. It was designed to be used by gamers, web surfers and those working under fluorescent lights.
The frame was made from TR90 material for long term use and durability. The glasses are light weight. It is not inconveniencing in any way. You will also like the design; they look really sleek especially in black. These glasses are guaranteed to protect your eye from the computer glare. The only bad side of these glasses is there is smudge but you will definitely like it despite the smudging.

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5. Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens (S1933X)


These glasses are currently selling like crazy; they are one of the most popular glasses for gamers and those that work on a computer for a long time. They were made with Spectrum Control Technology which absorbs over 98% of blue light emitted from your computer screen. It gives you additional screen contrast with sharpened details.
These glasses are guaranteed to help you improve focus, reduce eye fatigue, and even help reduce vision problems such as cataracts. You can watch television or play a video game with these glasses all night without feeling it.

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Final Thoughts

If you suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or maybe you just want to look cool then I would highly recommend you to check out these Best Computer Glasses that we’ve reviewed above. We’ve also covered the Top 5 List of Computer Monitor Screen Covers that will help with eye strain and protecting your monitor against unnecessary dust and scratches