Computer Screen Protector- Why it’s Important to Install One to Protect Your Eyes

When you are glaring at your computer screen all day long you must have been familiar with dry, tired red eyes. You have probably tried most of the popular remedies such as changing the angle of your monitor, shifting the window blinds or adjusting the brightness of the LCD screen.

Unfortunately, these are only temporary solutions to a problem that won’t go away as long as you are spending a lot of time working on a computer it’s, therefore, important to use a computer screen protector so that you can prevent short-term symptoms such as eye fatigue, blurred vision among others. But how can you do this?

Install a good screen protection

One sure way to combat eye strain is to have your computer installed with a good anti-glare screen protector. These protectors range from bulky hang overs to thin films that you can install to protect your eyes.

By using any of these you can successfully eliminate almost all the UV light that reflects from your computer screen to your eyes. When it comes to design, some anti-glare screen protectors are fitted with an adhesive backing and installs seamlessly over the screen of your desktop and laptop computers.

How these screen protectors can save your eyes

Over the past few years, those who use computers have increased exponentially and so have the complaints. Most people who spend a lot of time on their machines often complain of a burn or itch. If these problems go on for long there are high chances that you might develop a condition known as computer vision syndrome. This is a non-permanent condition that is not life-threatening but may cause a lot of discomfort that can eventually affect your productivity.

When it comes to protecting the eyes many people have a casual approach. Up until a serious eye problem comes up, they do not bother about protecting their eyes.

Apparently, it’s very important to be careful about the strain that your eyes are undergoing especially if you spend a whole day working on your machine.

Currently, research has shown that 65% to 90% of computer users suffer from problems that have been brought about by computer screens. Interestingly, these people still struggle to push their limits by working for many more hours over unprotected machines which worsen the situation.



Rubbing your eyes until you feel like gauging them away is not the solution. Though it may give you a temporary relief it does not offer any permanent solution to your eye problem or eye disabilities. To avoid any undesirable effects or eye problems, ophthalmologists suggest that you use a computer eye protector.

The best thing to do is to protect your eyes with a computer screen guard, work in a well lit area, take a break after every few hours of working and maintain an ideal posture when working on your laptop of desktop.

A combination of these will not only work wonders but will also help you push your limits more than you have never done before.

Why computer screen guards are important

Computer screen protectors significantly reduce the screen glare thereby, protecting your eyes from the much-feared eye tiredness. You will agree with me that it’s the eye strain that often causes you to get tired easily and feel drained while working on a laptop or a computer.

Arguably, with computer protectors you can maintain a healthy vision and ensure that you remain protective throughout while working. Apart from the health benefits these screen guards also help to prolong the life of your computer.

This is because they act as a shield between the harmful factors and your computer screen. Dirt, scratches, accidental damage and whatever it is will be prevented from making their way to your computer screen.

Types of computer protectors

Screen Protector

These screen protectors come in different types. Some of them are matte variants while others are ultra clear protectors that give you a high clarity while viewing your computer.

The matte screen protectors compromise on the clarity but have the advantage of reflecting light back to the background. These two types of protectors are effective and can help you a great deal in protecting your eyes from eye problems.

screen protector


More so, some screen protectors are a combination of privacy shields and glare reducers. These can come in handy especially if you are working in close proximity with other people.

When it comes to design some anti-glare protectors have an adhesive backing making them fit seamlessly over the screen of your desktop or laptop as well as other electronic devices. Hanging protectors, however, fits over the screen part of the computer monitor.

Other consideration to make

When shopping for a computer screen protector, ensure that you know the type and the size of the device that you are using so that you can avoid purchasing a wrong one.

When you are in doubt you need to go with your laptop or measure its size so that you can purchase the correct size. Also, remember that having a screen protector is one major step towards eliminating eye problems but it’s not the only thing that you can do. For instance, when using contact lenses leave them in their case when using your computer and with keyboard.

Despite the medical advancements, our eyes dry out very fast when wearing contact lenses so instead, use glasses. Keep a bottle of rewetting drops especially when your workload is intense so that you can moisten your eyes when they dry out.

Final thoughts

In this age of technology when computers are the main machines that are used for working it’s so discouraging to imagine that they are also the ones that cause many eye problems. Although the symptoms may not manifest immediately the effects can be seen among those who use computers regularly. It’s, therefore, important to get a good computer screen protector so that you can be sure that your eyes are safe. By combining a high-quality screen protector and following simple steps such as taking breaks in between work you can eliminate eye strains almost completely.


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