Best Gaming Keyboards Under 50 vs Dishonored 2

A fact is all gamers take their choice of gaming keyboards very seriously. Here is a list of the best gaming keyboards under 50 which will not only make for an excellent tool for gaming but for typing as well. Each keyboard is designed differently but it all has one thing in common and that is to use it as a powerful weapon against enemies. Each gamer knows by choosing the wrong keyboard could lead to disaster on the battlefield. Professional gamers obviously would go for a more expensive keyboard while beginners and intermediate players would consider a lesser expensive keyboard.


Mechanical Switches

As we all know most gaming keyboards that surfaced the market for the past 5 years use mechanical switches. These switches pair each function key to its own spring loaded switch. This concept is designed to improve in tactile feedback which ultimately leads to a more accurate and faster performance. These switches come in various designs and colors like blue, black and red so gamers can have a specific touch when in battle.


Silicone Switches

Not all gaming keyboards use mechanical switches, some use silicone dome switches which use a rubber material as the switch. These switches need a full downward press before a command can be send slowing down whatever action needed to be taken.


When it comes to gaming professional gamers know the importance of features like backlighting, replaceable keycaps, macro commands and macro keys. These types of features ultimately give gamers the edge over players that still use the traditional keyboard for gaming.
Take for example the backlit feature, professional gamers will not only use this feature to show off their keyboard but it is mainly used to highlight most used keys by customizing it in color preferences when playing in darker rooms.


Professional gaming keyboards offer gamers the option to customize the keycaps to their liking by replacing it with better texturing, better molded and different color plastic keycaps. Some gaming keyboards let you only swap out specific keycaps like the WASD keys while others will include the number keys and the arrow keys.

Some of the best gaming keyboards under 50 also offer features like dedicated macro keys, macro commands, and programmable keys.

Some of these mechanical gaming keyboards also have the ability for statistic tracking and features like audio and text communication. Not only will you be able to customize your keyboard but the newer version gaming mice also comes with exceptionally smart features which you can read about it here.


Best Gaming Keyboards Under 50 Dollars List

1.SADES K10 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

• No drivers needed
• 9 Brilliant backlit effects
• Ergonomically curved keycaps
• Multimedia and function key combinations
• Flexible, braided cable
• Mechanically engineered keycaps

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2.HAVIT Backlit LED Gaming Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

• 8 Anti-ghosting combination keys
• Removable keycaps
• Metal based to keep keyboard from slipping
• No drivers needed
• 4 Levels of backlit brightness
• Gold plated USB interface

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3.Powerlead USB LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

• Adjustable 3 backlit colors
• Big curved keycaps
• ABS tested plastic keypads
• Ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue while playing
• Plug and play setup
• Keystroke lifespan of 10 million strokes
• Gaming mouse included

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4.MODTEK Slim Illuminated Backlit USB Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

• Super slim profile
• Bright illuminated keys
• Plug and play setup
• For both typing and gaming
• Glossy frame with thin silver bezel

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5.REDRAGON USB Gaming Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

• 7 Adjustable backlight brightness settings
• 12 multimedia keys
• 104 standard key set
• 8 Programmable macro keys (no software needed)
• Replaceable arrow and WASD keys
• Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Vista

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Upgrade Your Mechanical Gaming Keyboards To  a $100 Keyboard

mechanical swithes

Over the course of time, you’ve probably notice the fading of some keycaps, usually the ones that you frequently use the most. This can happen to any keyboard whether it was under $50 or over $150 the time you’ve bought it.


Injecting new life into a two-year keyboard would obviously cost you less than a new one especially if you came to love it. Swapping out the old faded keycaps with some new ones is the best option. If you are unsure if you’re keycaps can be replaced you need to refer to the manual.



Whether you consider yourself a professional gamer or just a starting out these best gaming keyboards under 50 I’ve mentioned above would be a great addition to your arsenal in the world of online or offline gaming. I hope you’ve found this article helpful and please don’t forget to share it with someone you know.





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  2. WilliamTot

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