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Installing a Computer Screen Privacy Guard

Simple instructions for installing a computer screen privacy guard can be watched in the above video. Please note: Installing a privacy guard for your computer screen can lead to disaster if not correctly applied. Removing all dust from the screen should be your first priority unless you are installing a 3M Privacy filter. It will also be wise to install these filters in a well-ventilated environment. Air bubbles can cause extra time to install one of these privacy guards so make sure you watch for those nasty little ones.

One important factor that most of us don’t consider is to get the specific measurements of the monitor before buying a screen privacy guard. This is done by measuring from the inside corner diagonally downwards to the bottom corner, then horizontally from left to right. This way you will exactly have the measurements of your screen. Choosing a smaller privacy filter will let other people see parts of the screen and by choosing a bigger filter will overlap the monitor’s edges. Make sure before buying that you choose the correct size computer screen privacy guard.

3M Computer Screen Cover for Privacy

Computer Screen Privacy Guard

3M is one of the highly recommended computer screen covers for protecting your privacy and it comes in various sizes to choose from. Sizes range from the standard 17.0’’ right up to 30.0’’ Widescreen (16.0 aspect ratio). Unlike other screen protectors and privacy filters this computer screen privacy guard is made of film and covers the full area of your screen. It attaches to your screen with some adhesive so you won’t have to worry about any air bubbles.

This lightweight frameless designed filter attach to the screen in two different ways namely through clips and adhesive. Not only does this protect your work from spying eyes but it will keep your monitor safe from any scratches thus saving you’re a lot of money on repairs.
This computer screen cover for privacy is made of patented Microlouver technology which is an advanced light control film, these Microlouvers is spaced 1-degree apart which under a microscope looks like Venetian blinds without strings.

60 Degree No View Angle

This LCD monitor privacy screen creates a 60 degree no spy zone so you’ll be able to focus on your task at hand and not on spying eyes. Thus any work will only be visible to you and any other person that you allow directly in front of the screen. You will also be able to choose between the high gloss and matte texture before applying the LCD monitor privacy screen.

Even though this computer screen cover for privacy is made for the purpose of keeping people from spying on your work you will notice when buying this privacy filter that it also helps with eye strain which you can read in my previous article. Summary of the pros and cons of the computer screen privacy guard:

• Help keeps personal information personal
• Choose between high gloss or matte finish
• Lightweight and frameless design
• Variety of filters to choose from
• Helps with eye strain

• Not portable

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This is an ideal computer screen privacy guard for people who work in a high traffic environment and like to keep their work private. 3M also introduced their Gold Privacy Filter which you can check out at


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