TV Soundbars – Why You Should Get One

Flat screen TV’s are incredibly thin and lightweight, looking smart and incredibly sexy hanging from your wall. However, apart from looking stylish, the sound that it produces through those tiny built-in speakers is terrible. Speakers need a lot of space to generate a good quality sound which you won’t get just by using those built-in HDTV speakers. What you probably need is a separate high-quality sound system that can push sound to every corner of your room. That’s where TV soundbars come in.


TV soundbars are relatively thin and long (but still bulkier and thicker than your HDTV). These types of speakers are relatively easy to setup and can incorporate most sound systems like your 5.1 channel speakers or the 2.1 setup. These TV soundbars are known as an add-on sound speaker that will provide the extra sound output with more clarity and bass than your normal setup.


TV Soundbars – Should I Get A Subwoofer?

TV Soundbars
This speaker bar for TV’s normally come in one or two pieces. Most of these soundbars are relatively long and thin and can also work individually. However, if you are looking for a high powered bass speaker then you should go for a more bulky version. Some soundbars also come with a wireless subwoofer which can be synced with the main speaker. These subwoofers can be placed right next to the couch so you’ll be able to enjoy a more powerful bass next to you.

Furthermore, some of these sound speaker systems have even adopted the slab style bar on which you can place your flat screen TV. They incorporate everything into one flat base system on which you place your HDTV. This means that they’ll produce more power across wide open spaces, and they can even produce more bass than some cheaper 5.1 surround sound systems.

These soundbars eliminate most of your wiring, thus they only connect with one wire to the input of your TV and another to a power source, while the wireless subwoofers only connect to the power source.

Smaller size soundbars like the Dell AC 511 wired soundbar and the Vizio 2.0 channel soundbar would be better placed mounted on the wall or placed in front of your television.


Is Surround Sound Important?

TV Soundbars
Some soundbar manufacturers even claim that they can simulate surround sound through their soundbars which are a bit farfetched. Surround sound can only be produced through surround sound speakers. So if you want to be surrounded by a sound that came from a specific direction I suggest that you get a pair of surround sound speakers.

While surround sound speakers can be a good choice for any movie lover it will not always be the best choice. While a 5.1 surround sound is more authentic you can expect a bit more clutter like wires running on walls and on the floor making it more dangerous like tripping over it or even dogs and cats chewing through it. Although it will produce a better sound experience it will most likely be not as feasible like a soundbar.


Multiple Ways of Audio Streaming

TV Soundbars
Most soundbars will be able to stream audio to your tablet or Smartphone. Most soundbars stream their audio through Bluetooth while others use WiFi based connectivity. Choosing a WiFi based soundbar will let you stream audio to anywhere in your house, unlike Bluetooth which let you only connect within a certain range. Either way, which ever decision you make for choosing a sound system here is some reviews that you might find interesting, 2.1 channel speakers that you should get for your office or if you are looking for some multimedia PC Speakers than this might be what you are looking for.



If you are looking for speakers that will complement and enhance your audio experience without the fuss of wires that will clutter your room than it is probably better investing in one of these TV soundbars at