Computer Filter Screens – Our Top Pick for Week 2

Consider yourself lucky if for some reason you don’t need a computer filter screen to protect your private data from spying eyes. Maybe you work at home or you are isolated behind closed office doors, but what if you are working in an open office space where prying eyes always stare at your monitor. The solution? Computer Filter Screens.

Computer Filter Screens

With all these glare screens for monitors that have been introduced on a frequent basis to the general public, it’s hard to distinguish the good from the bad without proper testing or trusted reviews. One of these computer filter screens not only provide excellent privacy but can also be used as a reflection screen reducing the glare of your monitor.

Premium 15.6 Inch Privacy Screen for Laptop by Eleplace
This privacy filter will blackout any screen viewing from both sides of the viewing angle only allowing the person sitting in front of the computer to have a crystal clear view of the screen. This privacy filter will fit widescreen monitors and laptops with 15.6-inch screens. This computer filter screen offers two installation options: one temporally option to insert or remove the screen using tabs to secure the screen and a more permanent option that attach the privacy filter to the screen.

Added Benefits of Eleplace Computer Filter Screens

The Eleplace Computer Filter Screens which comes in various sizes and which not only protect private information from people sitting next to you but it also reduce the Ultra Radiation caused by direct sunlight reflection from the screen. These UV rays can cause damage to the eyes that can lead to prolonged eye strain. This privacy filter for laptop also guards against accidental scratches saving you from coughing up extra money replacing the screen due to unforeseen scratches.

Like most accessories these privacy filters for laptops can also get finger marks on it making the screen looking unattractive. These finger marks can easily be wiped off using the anti-static cloth that is included in the package.

Package Contents
• 15.6 Inch Privacy Screen
• One Cleaning Cloth
• Square Double Sided Tape (Permanent Installation Option)
• Clear Adhesive Tabs (Temporally Installation Option)
• Installation Instructions

• Privatize your screen
• Reduce glare that may cause eyes strain
• Two installation options (permanent / temporary)
• Protects the screen from scratches
• Easy to clean

• The filter will dim the monitor slightly (you will need to adjust the brightness level)

The voting poll that’s been running for a week: The top computer filter screen for the week is the Eleplace Anti glare screen protector.


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With the rising theft of personal information, Computer Filter Screens could help you secure your information from snooping eyes. Please leave a comment below if you found this helpful and don’t forget to share our Top Pick for Week 2 with someone you know.