Nura Headphone Learn and Adapt to Your Unique Hearing

Kyle Slater Co-Founder and CEO, Luke Campbell Co-Founder and CTO, Dragan Petrovic also Co-Founder and COO with Engineer Wilson Shao have the world talking with their newly designed headphones. This isn’t your ordinary type of headphone that you will see on shelves around the corner from your home. They are called the Nura headphone funded by Kickstarter program.

Don’t be fooled with this weird looking headset. Even though they look like a pair of beats with large ear cups they also consist of smaller earbuds that are positioned in the middle of the earcups to fit in the ear channels.

This large comfortable headset automatically tunes to your hearing profile within 30 seconds when you put them on. There is no need for you to do any fine tuning whatsoever. With the integrated sound wave technology that measures your hearing capabilities, waves are sent from the outer ear to the brain adapting to your listening needs.

This new technology will bring the deeper bass and clearer tones delivered through two different ways, in-ear and over ear feeling every beat through the skin. The big earcups are solely designed to isolate any noise going out or coming into the ears.

nura 2

What’s also interesting about the Nura headphone is that it can store profiles of the main user and even a guest user if you want a second person to use the headphone. The setup process will not take more than 1 minute and this can be done through the Nura’s phone app. To do this the in-ear portion needs to adjust so that the headphone can pick up vibrations coming from the ear.

The headphone then plays a series of tones to produce the sound gets picked up by the microphone then the headphone analyze this reproduced sound. When a new user should use the headphone it will perform a short tone test to analyze who is using it then adjust the necessary profile. According to the company people with hearing disabilities, the sensing will be less accurate.

The Nura Headphone supports iOS devices through the lighting port of your Smartphone. The Nura can also be used with any Operating System which includes Windows, Chromebook, Android and even some Linux Operating Systems.

When you are your phone for long periods of time streaming audio the battery seems to run flat at a faster rate. With the Nura nura headphoneheadphone, you’ll be able to charge your charge using the pass-charging system so you won’t have to worry about a charging your phone separately.

More features include: a microphone, volume and call control buttons.
The company even has a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like their product or if you should find any defects related to the product. This Kickstarter Campaign reached its initial goal of $100,000 within the first day and with a total of more than $1,000,000 so far with over 4,800 backers.