Affordable Protection – The Keyboard Dust Cover

Hey, we all go through life with bumps and scratches and working in dusty environments. So we protect our self with dusk mask and protective gear to prevent unnecessary injury. Well is it not the time for us to protect our investments with something really cheap like a keyboard dust cover?


Keyboard Dust Cover

keyboard dust cover

This dust cover is everything that you expect from it and attaches to your keyboard without any adhesive tape and looks like it has been taped to the keyboard. This dust cover doesn’t leave any residue behind when you want to remove it, so it won’t cause any damage to your keyboard.


For obvious reasons it will take a few minutes to get used to the new typing surface but it will be worth it in the end. This dust cover is washable and protects your valuable asset against key wear and dust spills.
The keyboard dust cover and the keypad fuses together so you won’t even notice the difference between it, and it will look like the keypad is colored when in the dark.
On a negative note, this dust cover does leave a few keypad marks on the screen but won’t be easily visible if you look straight to it and it can easily be cleaned with some computer screen cleaning wipes.


This keyboard dust cover is of excellent quality for a dirt cheap price which I highly recommend to Mac users.


• Comes in various colors
• Fits all latest MacBook Pro series
• Washable and removable for disinfecting
• Silicone cover for easy typing


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Laptop Keyboard Dust Cover

keyboard dust cover

This protective case comes in various colors and a matte finish that feels and looks awesome on a MacBook Pro. This will definitely protect your computer against surface scratch so don’t expect that it will protect your MacBook against accidental falls.


Please note, when putting it on, you need to make sure that you put it on the correct way. You will notice a small cut out area which will match up with the top area of your computer. If fitted correctly then it should snap into place without any problems.


This keyboard dust cover is clear enough to let the backlit shine through so you will be able to see the numbers on the keypads. For extra protection against slip, there are four rubber feet attached at the bottom of the case.


Another important factor about this protective hard case is the ventilating system which contains holes for the necessary ports and air flow vents on your PC. These dust covers for the ventilating system is really small and can get easily lost if not properly watch.


• Included are the dust plugs and keyboard cover
• Ventilated holes for heat dissipation
• Anti-slip rubber feet
• Designed for 15’ MacBook Pro

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Protecting your investments against dust and scratches shouldn’t even be a difficult choice to make. Please make sure that you order one these computer keyboard dust covers that I mentioned above and don’t forget to share this article with someone you know.

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