Best 2.1 Channel Computer Speakers for Your Office

Let’s face it whether we like it or not it is important to have to have a set of computer speakers that will be suitable for home and office use. A set of speakers that will provide clear sound with deep bass without sound distortion even if you turn up the volume to the highest levels. While it is important to know the fundamentals of a good computer speaker we tend to forget all other factor’s concerning smaller bits and pieces related to these speakers. So what is it that would make one of the best 2.1 channel computer speakers for your office or even for gaming?


Let’s have a Look at just what is a 2.1 Channel Computer Speaker


It is obvious that we get a variety of name brand speakers each having their own platform providing different sound quality at different levels and styles. Wherever we are if it is sitting in front of our Flat Screen TV, yes there will be a pair of built-in speakers in it, some computer monitors also have built-in speakers, laptops have built-in speaker’s even desktop computers have built-in speakers. Now ask yourself this question, are you satisfied with the quality of the sound that you receive with all these built-in speakers, obviously not. If these built-in speakers provided good quality sound, then we obviously would not need some external speakers.


Most of us do prefer 2.1 channel speakers; the reason behind this norm is the fact that it is plug_and_play, maintenance free, and very portable. Even if a 2.1 channel speaker only consists of two satellite speakers and a sub-woofer it can make a tremendous difference in sound levels while watching your favorite movies, listening to your most addictive jams or playing your favorite games. You may even want to read my review on these cheap computer speakers with USB connection.



Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System


Bose don’t need any introduction into the world of sound. The Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System would make an excellent 2.1 channel computer speakersaddition to your computer station.


This 2.1 channel computer speakers with Acoustimass-type sub-woofer should breathe new life into conferences, and team building sessions.


With its 8 feet cable length on each speaker, you’ll have more than enough room to display them. Let’s take a peek at what these 2.1 channel computer speakers have to offer:


• Easy to install with no need for additional software
• A handy pod housing to control volume and input for a second audio source.
• Can be used without the stands
• Clear and crisp sound



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Bose takes sounds to the next level creating pleasurable moments in a productive environment




Logitech 200 Watt Speaker System


This mid tier 2.1 channel computer speakers are very powerful and deliver an astonishing deep bass with excellent highs. With an 2.1 channel computer speakersenormous 200 Watt output, you will be able to immerse yourself spending time in your comfort zone.


With the front facing controls for bass and volume control, you’ll have instant access to each command.


This 2.1 channel speaker’s work with almost any device from computers, laptops, iPods, HDTV’s and DVD players and with no extra software or hardware needed for installation. The Logitech 200 Watt Speaker System will make a great entertainment set connected to one of the above-mentioned devices. So let’s have a quick rundown of the features of this 200 Watt Speaker System:


• Studio quality sounds assured through THX Certificate
• Easy to plug and play
• Distortion free bass through a 130 Watt sub-woofer
• Powerful 200 Watt output with immersive audio
• Compatible with multiple devices
• 2 Years limited warranty


2.1 channel computer speakers

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A mid-tier plug and play 2.1 channel computer speakers with a Genuine THX Certificate for sound quality that you can rely on.




Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Channel Computer Speaker System with Sub-woofer


If you are looking for a speaker system that is elegant, proper sound output and under $50 then you should definitely consider the Cyber Acoustic 2.1 Channel Speaker System. This affordable speaker 2.1 channel computer speakerssystem with its wooden sub-woofer cabinet and magnetic speakers is small enough to put beside a monitor or flat screen TV without taking any space.


Most speakers, when placed beside a TV or computer monitor, will distort the color of the device but this 2.1 Channel Speaker System from Cyber Acoustic have a magnetic shield covering the 2.5-inch satellite speakers. Due to the wooden sub-woofer, you’ll have a deep rich base that only wood can generate. I would also recommend these Multimedia PC Speakers or even these Bluetooth Speakers for your Smart Phone.


The most convenient desktop control pod will let you easily access all the main functions like on/off, master volume and the headphone output jack. It even consists of an aux input to connect a second sound device. Let’s have a glance over the main features of this stylish 2.1 speaker system:


• Magnetic shielded satellite speakers
• Easy access to controls through the desktop control pod
• Wooden bass sub-woofer for acoustically balanced sound
• Very affordable



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A stylish speaker system that is affordable and have a lot to offer without bringing down the house.






Depending on your needs and budget you probably won’t need a majestic sub-woofer to play online games or watch video’s for research purposes. Each of these 2.1 channel computer speakers has the ability and features to provide you with clear, distortion-free sounds.


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