Top 7: Best Ultra Light Keyboard and Mouse Sets 2017 for Typists

A keyboard is only as good as the person working on it, but as long as it is certain specifications that one needs in order to perform certain tasks such in the most convenient way possible than you need to start digging deeper finding the most best possible keyboard and mouse combo set. Typists always look for a certain criteria in keyboards especially the ones that need a keyboard for transcription of documents or speed typing. These criteria involve but not limited to weight, wireless, wired, color combinations, low profile keys and portability. Our researchers have done all the heavy lifting for you by putting together a compelling list of the Best Ultra Light Keyboard and Mouse Sets 2017 for the typing enthusiast.


  1. JOYACCESS Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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Our list begin with the JOYACCESS Wireless Keyboard and Mouse with a perfect fashion rosy gold finish to complement any standard black or white desktop set. You can enjoy a comfortable typing experience with the low profile keys and reduce wrist and hand fatigue by using the pull out feet underneath the keyboard. With the JOYACCESS Keyboard and mouse you can work in absolute silents without disturbing anyone around you. The keyboard and mouse uses a 2.4 wireless technology with a connection of up to 10 meters so you can be comfortable working away from the computer that may lead to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

The mouse use a standard optical sensor for precious tracking while it also features different DPI settings to choose from 800/1000/1600. Overall this plug and play combo set (mouse and keyboard) get our badge for best color combination.

  1. AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard and Mouse Bundle Pack


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This well known wired keyboard and mouse bundle pack is one of the cheapest keyboards and mice combo sets available on the market. Even though this wired bundle set is so affordable that doesn’t mean that it is sort on features such as multimedia keys, comfortable typing experience and a reliable mouse.

The AmazonBasics Keyboard is slimmer than most wired and wireless keyboard and yet it is durable with a sleek design with a full number keypad for calculations. Complementing the stylish looking keyboard is the low profile keys for a quiet and responsive type. The keyboard is also integrated with dedicated keys such as volume control, mute, calculator and mute.

Navigate quickly through your work with the precious tracking optical mouse. The mouse has a DPI setting of 1000 enabling responsive cursor control. The Basics Amazon Mouse comes with 3 buttons left/right button and scroll button. This AmazonBasics Keyboard and Mouse Bundle is a great combo set for those who need a basic keyboard and mouse that works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. This mouse set gets our approval for cheapest keyboard and mouse combo.

  1. Dell KM 117 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


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You won’t have single disappointing experience when you get your hands on the Dell KM 117 Keyboard and Mouse. Enjoy the wireless connection of up to 10 meters in range connecting the nano size dongle for both keyboard and mouse. The keyboard features chiclet style keys with minimum travel distance.
The keyboard itself is robust and don’t leave any finger marks on the keys. The design of the keyboard is somewhat ergonomic and even though it don’t have pull out feet this don’t seems to be a big of a deal breaker. To save battery life the keyboard automatically switches off when not in use and wakes up as soon as you start typing.
The combo deal also includes a standard mouse for effortless scrolling and just like the keyboard the mouse automatically switches off when not in use to preserve battery life. The Dell combo mouse and keyboards comes in 4 different models KM 117, KM 636, KM 714 and KM 717 to choose from. If you need a no frills keyboard and mouse then these models are the perfect packages at the right price.


  1. OfficeTec Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


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Moving along our list of Best Ultra Light Keyboard and Mouse Sets 2017 is the OfficeTec Keyboard and Mouse Set. Build quality of the keyboard is phenomenal especially for a low budget keyboard. It’s made out of an attractive faux carbon fiber reducing the ability to attract finger marks. The low profile keys features a quiet typing experience with a good overall key press.


The 2.4 GHz wireless connection ensures for the perfect connection between keyboard and nano receiver and mouse and USB nano receiver. The 9 multimedia shortcut keys forms parts of accessing certain functions on the fly which includes music, e-mail, internet, play/pause and calculator. Depending on user conditions battery life can function up to 18 months for both keyboard and mouse on a single fully charge set of 4 AAA batteries.


In my opinion the wireless mouse is worth the entire combo set. The ergonomically designed wireless mouse has 5 buttons for page up/page down, scroll wheel, left/right button and even a DPI switch on top. The mouse fits perfectly in any size hand while the DPI can be set for 800/1000/1200 for adjusting mouse cursor sensitivity. Unlike the keyboard the mouse even has its own on/off switch for when not in use.


Both keyboard and mouse is compatible with Widows 7, 8, Vista, XP, Windows 10 and even Smart TV’s with the exception that the TV has a USB input for the mini nano receiver. The OfficeTec is overall worth every penny especially the multi function wireless mouse.

OfficeTec Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo (KB101) Reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection
Long battery life
Nine hot keys
5-Button optical mouse
800/1000/1200 DPI switch


  1. Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


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The Logitech MK270 is number 5 on our List of Best Ultra Light Keyboard and Mouse Sets 2017 with a full size key set which include keyboard, mouse and mini nano receiver. Logitech don’t need introduction into the world of hardware peripherals because Logitech has become a household name in every aspect we can think of. It’s no wonder that the Logitech MK270 is one of the best sellers when it comes to these Keyboard and Mouse Combo Sets.


The keyboard itself has a full size key set with number pad, directional arrows, and multimedia keys. Build quality of the Logitech combo set is done with the best craftsmanship possible. Feature 8 shortcut keys for instant access to movies, music, e-mail, volume control and play/pause at a touch away.


A reliable 2.4 GHz connection is available connecting mouse and keyboard with the nano receiving as soon as it is plugged into the computer USB port. This wireless connection gives you a range of up to 1o meters providing you the ability to work away from the computer. With an extended battery life of up to 36 months for the keyboard and 12 months for the mouse depending on computing conditions.


The compact mouse is designed to eliminate hand and wrist fatigue for those long working hours. It is also small enough to fit in a purse while traveling. The mouse is very standard and don’t come with much features like DPI and multiple buttons like the OfficeTec wireless mouse.

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse ComboAll-in-one setup
Plug and play
Long battery life
Reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection


  1. Jelly Combo MK09 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


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The Jelly Combo MK09 works right out of the box with drivers that automatically install when paring takes place upon inserting the mini nano receiver. The sleek and beautiful design complements any existing computer setup perfectly.


The pull out feet underneath the keyboard provides for a better typing experience reducing the ability to experience hand and wrist fatigue. Both keyboard and mouse connects to one USB receiver over a 2.4 GHz connection. The Jelly Combo is a no frills keyboards with a beautiful integrated color combination.

Jelly Comb MK09 Wireless Keyboard and MouseKeys customized for Windows
Low profile whisper-quiet keys
One USB receiver for both keyboard and mouse
Reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection


  1. Anker CB310 Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and Mouse with Water-Resistant and Whisper Quiet Keyboard


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Last on our list of Best Ultra Light Keyboard and Mouse Sets 2017 is the Anker Keyboard and Mouse Set with Water-Resistant design. This is definitely our favorite combo set with all the features in above mentioned keyboard and mouse reviews with some extras such as a palm rest and a water resistant design. The wireless keyboard with its silky design produces a whisper quiet typing experience while the palm rest cradles your wrists reducing typing fatigue. The unified nano receiver works for both keyboard and mouse saving extra USB ports for other peripherals.


The wireless mouse is perfectly crafted with 3 adjustable DPI settings to choose from. These DPI settings can be adjusted between 1000/1500/2000. Another exciting feature is the ability is to customize the programmable buttons to your specific needs which can be done through the downloadable driver.


In addition to all the benefits there is also a 4 level energy savings mode to reduce power to save battery life. Anker is also providing an 18 month warranty and committed to a 100% customer satisfaction.

Anker CB310 Full-Size Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Desktop Sleek keyboard profile
Ergonomic palm rest
Independent multimedia keys
Mouse: 3 Adjustable DPI level
Programmable buttons


Final Thoughts


This brings us to the end of our Top 7: Best Ultra Light Keyboards and Mouse Sets 2017 that we’ve reviewed above.  Hopefully you’ve found something within your budget and taste that can lead to a better performing typing experience burning the midnight oil. You can read our previous reviews on these Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming or even get one of these Best Computer Speakers 2017 to complement your new mouse and combo set.