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Everyone carries a Smartphone or a tablet. These small devices are like carrying a desktop PC around in your pocket which is awesome but their built-in speakers, however, won’t give you the satisfactory sound output you need. As a matter of fact, you won’t need to rely on these built-in Smartphone or tablet speakers when you’re on the go. A Portable Bluetooth Enabled Speaker is your only other option when you want some serious sound on the go.

Portable Bluetooth Enabled Speaker

Bluetooth enabled speaker’s works flawless with Android, Windows enabled SmartPhones and any other Bluetooth enabled device like desktop PC, laptops, and Television sets. What they don’t require is a Wi-Fi network making them so much more effective unlike Airplay Speakers from Apple. When considering buying a Portable Bluetooth Enabled Speaker there’s obviously some things to consider like:

Most portable Bluetooth speakers use rechargeable batteries. This way you’ll be able to use them anywhere without the need of a power outlet. Some bulkier Bluetooth speakers especially those tended for home use need a dedicated power outlet these are mainly used for connecting your home theater or PC with the speaker. For obvious reasons larger Bluetooth speakers will have a better sound output than the smaller ones due to a bigger and more powerful internal speaker. For portability, a smaller speaker would be much more portable and can be tossed in a handbag or backpack to the beach or swimming pool.

When it comes to outdoors durability plays an important factor especially when used at the pool or in wet conditions. A Rugged Portable Bluetooth Enabled Speaker can handle wet conditions extremely well and they are made to take drops and splashes without you worrying the device could get bricked. Speakers with IPX ratings and guarantees should be your choice of a speaker should you need one to carry with to the pool or beach.

Audio Quality
Probably the most important factor usually after portability is audio quality. Most Portable Bluetooth Speakers don’t offer much in features such as bass but ultimately reproduce top notch frequencies without breaking high volumes. When shopping for one of these speakers you’re the main goal should be clarity above features like bass and balance. Also, size does matter the bigger the speaker the louder the sound will be and still sound plausible.

Bluetooth enabled speakers primarily connect through Bluetooth but some even have the options such as auxiliary input or Wi-Fi connectivity. You’ll find that smaller Bluetooth speakers use Bluetooth connection while the bulkier versions like Apple’s Airplay use mainly Wi-Fi connectivity.

Some models even use double features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi giving the listener some freedom of choice. Unlike Amazon Echo which is mainly, voice controlled once it’s connected to your Wi-Fi network you can just command it to play music. However, most of these multi-platform speakers sacrifice portability over connectivity.

While most people consider the higher the price the better the product is but overall this is not always the case. From a general point of view, high-end models sometimes do have better sound quality but lacking the features you want for that price. Shopping for a Portable Bluetooth Enabled Speaker that has the best sound quality with features such as durability, multi-platform connectivity, and portability and at a reasonable price can sometimes be tricky. Below you’ll find some really good Inexpensive Bluetooth Speakers with some excellent reviews at Amazon.

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Portable Bluetooth Enabled Speaker


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Portable Bluetooth Enabled Speaker


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Portable Bluetooth Enabled Speaker


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