Microsoft Price Cut on the Band 2

Only for a limited time period, you’ll be able to get the Band 2 from Microsoft at a reduced price of ?. Saving you a total of $75, when you buy it within the limited time period. Small, Medium and Large will be available at the reduced price of $175. So if you are a fitness enthusiast this may be the deal that you’ve been waiting for.

Microsoft Price Cut on the Band 2

The Band 2 is really straightforward to use and you don’t need special technical skills to get the most out of it. The nice curved edges will fit nicely around you wrist while you enjoy a game of golf or do your daily workouts.


Swiping the screen is to get to the menus is very responsive and instantaneously. Get instantly downloadable fitness programs send straight to the Band 2 while surfing on the Web with your Smartphone.


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Functions of the Band2 from Microsoft


With the wrist Band 2, you will even be able to catch up on e-mails and text messages that you receive while you’re Smartphone is put on silent mode. So you don’t need to worry about your boss catching you checking e-mails or text on your Smartphone while at work.


Microsoft Health will make it super easy to live healthier and of course, that’s what every person strives for. The Microsoft Health App connects through the cloud giving you actionable actions to follow to stay healthy each step of the way.


The Band 2 from Microsoft interprets data and sends it to your Smartphone or Laptop through an easy understandable colorful chart so you’ll be able to monitor your progress. The Microsoft Band 2 is compatible with your Windows phone, Android, and iPhone.


Features of the Microsoft Band 2


– Monitor your heart rate, sleep quality and calorie burn on a continuous basis
– Receive automatic update from your e-mails, text messages and call alerts
– Progress tracking of all your activities like running, golf, biking and more
– 11 Sensors which includes a GPS, Barometer, UV monitor and more to monitor your data so you can stay healthy.


Battery Life


One downside of the Band 2 is the battery life which cannot be replaced. The reason for this is the limited recharge cycle, but the life cycle of the battery Microsoft Price Cut on the Band 2should last you a few years. Charging the Band 2 from 0% to 100% will take you approximately 1 hour.


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My Ultimate Conclusion


While the Band 2 is not integrated with all the technical savvy stuff that the most fitness bands produces it certainly do a marvelous job of keeping track of your health and fitness goals. The Band 2 is easy to setup and compatible with most Smartphone’s.


I would highly recommend the Band 2 while it is at the reduced price of $175.


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