Bluetooth Speaker with Omni-Directional Audio

The music of tomorrow is here. A Bluetooth Speaker with Levitating Capabilities, it just cannot get better than this. Just imagine you floating around your home if you need to quickly go upstairs to fetch your phone. Or you are physical paralyzed from the waist down and you could just press a button and of you go to fetch something from the fridge. Yes, someday this will all be possible. But before we start dreaming about levitating ourselves let’s enjoy the article about the Bluetooth Speakers with Omni-Directional Audio.


Design of The Orb Bluetooth Speaker

Crafted to perfection and uniquely designed to meet anyone’s expectations. The cool fact about the Bluetooth speaker is the multiple blue LED lights that give the orb it’s edge over traditional speakers if I should rate it according to design.Bluetooth Speakers with Omni-Directional Audio

The orb as it is been called can work with or without the base. The base has an integrated USB Port so that you can literally charge other electronic devices such as your Smartphone or Tablet. This orb is, in fact, a multipurpose device.

While the Bluetooth speaker with levitating capabilities spins above its base you won’t need to worry about sound quality because it is so uniquely designed with its Omni-Directional speakers so that the spinning does not compromise the sound quality. The orb can even be used as a standalone Bluetooth speaker while traveling without the base.


Features of the Levitating Bluetooth Speaker


– Built-in NFC function so that any device with an NFC function can pair with the orb.
– 3D sound effect with Omni-Directional speakers for sound quality at 360 degrees.
– Quality design to fit any circumstance.
– Four blue LED indicators which use a Dynamic Stabilization Mechanism that shows the stability of the floating orb.
– The floating orb sticks to the base when not needed.



– Don’t expect good quality base from this Bluetooth Speaker.

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The levitating Bluetooth speaker is all about the looks with a good quality sound. So if you want to make a fashion statement then this Bluetooth Speaker with Omni-Directional Audio and levitating capabilities are just the ideal gadget for you.


Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is in a class of its own. This speaker came out of nowhere and became one of the most famous Bluetooth speakers ever manufactured.  Bluetooth Speakers with Omni-Directional AudioThe Amazon Echo is small but powerful and fits in very tight spaces. The Echo is the next generation in technology that brings sound to life.


Sound Quality

Inside this marvel are a 2.0 inch tweeter for sound clarity and a 2.5 inch woofer for delivering that deep bass. The reflex port at the top of the tweeter and woofer enhance the woofer’s deep bass sound. It is amazing how these components can fit into a speaker with a 9.25 inch in height and 3.72 inches in width.


The Amazon Echo supports Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music from your Cell phone, Tablet or Computer. Streaming music is absolutely just the tip of the iceberg that awaits you when getting your hands on one.

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Let the Echo switch your lights on or off, or report the weather while relaxing in your favorite chair. The Alexa app lets the Echo handle all the finer details of managing the alarms, shopping list and much more.


Key Features of the Amazon Echo

– Control your lights, switches, and your thermostat
– Play your favorite music or audio books
– Check your schedule
– Manage your shopping list
– Get questions and answers from Wikipedia
– Check the latest sporting results
– Read the news, weather and other important information.
– Set alarms according to your needs


Voice Recognition

With the enhanced voice canceling feature the Echo is able to hear a person even when it is playing music. Hidden under the light ring of the Echo is seven strategically placed microphones with sensors that use beam forming technology to hear a person from any direction.

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The Echo gets automatically updated with new features and skills while in use.

Will there be a newer version of the Amazon Echo released in the near future and what features should it consist of?

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