Gear S2 Smartwatch Review from Samsung

The Smartwatch was originally used to track a person’s heart rate and other health issues.As technology grew the Smartwatch also adapt and got even smarter. Although it is still used for health related issues the Gear S2 Smartwatch from Samsung transformed into a more fashionable status.Not only is the use of the Smartwatch focused on health but nowadays you can even use it to check update, messages and notifications all on the comfort of your wrist.

All this is possible with the Smartwatch 2 apps from Samsung. Samsung’s new Gear S2 Smartwatch is build to perform various tasks without even taking your phone out of your pocket.


Style Equals Design

The Gear S2 from Samsung is not just slapped together but the elegant design and smooth curves give it that touch of a premium finish. With the launch of the smartwatch a few year ago like the Apple Smartwatch, it was considered only to be wear by athletes and geeks but with the new designs that have spread like Gear S2 Smartwatch Review from Samsung wildfire even sophisticated business people are wearing it to meetings.


The Gear S2 from Samsung can be charged using the wireless charging dock that you will receive when buying the Gear S2 Smartwatch.


Just place it on the wireless charging dock and it automatically charges.
The modern design lets you easily customize your watch to your specific need with the customizable faces that you can use.


Compatibility of the Smartwatch Gear S2


With the built-in 4 gig storage space, you’ll be able to access all your favorite apps with just a twist of the wrist.


The Gear S2 is uniquely designed to work with most Android phones and it even has built-in Bluetooth 4.1 and an 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi system. This small gadget is very responsive and runs on a 1.0 GHZ processor.


Core Features of the Gear S2 Smartwatch from Samsung

– Good looking with elegant curves and a stylish finish.Gear S2 Smartwatch Review from Samsung
– Rotating bezel for quick and easy navigation.
– Compatible with most Android Smartphones
– 4 Gig onboard storage space
– 512 GB of RAM for better responsiveness
– 1.0 GHZ Processor
– Wireless charging dock for easy charging
– A well presented 1.2 –inch display for easy access to your most frequent apps


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Designed for everyday use whether you are spending time worrying about your fitness levels or if your are geek seeking out the latest gadgets or the professional who likes to stay up to date regarding notifications or messages then you will certainly love the Gear S2 Smartwatch from Samsung.


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