Foldable Workstation Computer Desk Fits Multiple Monitors

Are you currently upgrading your computer monitors from one to two monitors then surely you need a bigger Workstation. Just maybe you are looking for a foldable design that is easy to assemble and with lots of space. How about a Foldable Workstation Computer Desk that can easily be stored away when not needed. This flat surface computer desk with a feet rest platform can host up to two 23-inch flat screen monitors or one flat screen monitor, a pair of computer speakers and the printer can be fitted on the framing below so it won’t collect dirt.

Origami Computer Desk


This Foldable Workstation Computer Desk from Origami weighs around 43.8 pounds and can carry weights of about 250 pounds per Foldable Workstation Computer Deskshelf capacity without wheels or 75 pounds per shelf with wheels when evenly distributed.


When assembled this foldable workstation reach a height of 29.9 inches and 47.2 inches in length, which will give you more than enough room to host multiple items.



Features of the Origami Foldable Workstation Computer Desk


• Assembly free
• Folds up in seconds
• Very sturdy
• Tool free installation
• Fit multiple monitors


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L-Shape Corner Computer Desk Workstation


Who won’t want an L-Shape working station if you are just setting up a new office at home or in an office block? This professional looking working station will light up any office environment with its Foldable Workstation Computer Deskbeautiful wooden look and executive style.


Fit multiple monitors, keyboard, mouse, printer and subwoofer plus speakers on this sturdy platform and still have more than enough space left for some small office essentials.



With its additional support underneath the wooden platform, you’ll have the option to put your computer tower on. To reduce clutter on this workstation there is an extra drawer that slides in and out to place your keyboard in. This remarkable L-Shape computer desk can even be used as two separate desks by detaching the two wings and use it as two single desks.


• Easy to assemble
• Can be used as two single desks
• Made from beautiful wood
• Classy executive look that fits any room
• Sturdy frame that interconnects with each other


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Height Adjustable Standing Desk


This space saving adjustable standing desk will be a good fit especially for those who needs constant standing while working or people with back injuries and cannot sit for too long.


While this Foldable Workstation Computer Desk is designed to save an Foldable Workstation Computer Deskenormous amount of space just by placing it on your original desk you could even place 2 monitors side by side on it.


Although the VARIDESK comes with an amazingly heavy weight it can be elevated real easily.


This elevated process makes it possible through the spring-loaded mechanism. Varidesk comes with a two platform working space the top working space is designed for a single/multiple monitors and the lower working space for the keyboard and mouse.



You will also receive two rubber pads to place beneath the front of the bars so it would have a steady grip on top of the table. I would recommend buying a rubber mat at your local store to prevent scratching and a more reliable steadiness.


• No installation required (ready assembled out of the box)
• Two tier design for monitor stand and keyboard and mouse
• Patented spring-loaded mechanism for easy lifting
• 11 Position settings for comfortability
• 30 Day money back guarantee plus free shipping


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These foldable workstation computer desks can be used for home/office environments and is designed to be versatile and equipped with a sturdy performs to last for a few years.


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