Headsets with Mic for PC With Excellent Features

Headsets have become the norm of everyday life. We use headsets for pod casting, online gaming; listen to music and for Skype. We see people wearing headsets in the office; jogging, walking and even students wear them to receive online training. It can sometimes be very unpleasant and uncomfortable to wear a headset for multiple hours. So it is crucial to pick the right type of headset for a specific purpose that you need it for.


If you are in the market for a pair of headsets to connect to your Smartphone to listen to your favorite jams than you can read my review on these high-quality headsets here but if you are in search for a pair of headsets with mic for PC for online gaming that won’t break the bank than we’ve come up with three choices to pick from.


Headsets with Mic for PC to Consider – Dragon War Beast Professional Gaming Headset

Headsets with mic for PC

This low budget headset with Mic for PC performs just as good as any other brand name headsets that will set you back almost $100. What I like about his gaming headset is the cool features like the LED lights and the vibration function that is built into it.


The detachable Mic can be UN-mounted from the headset in case you don’t need it. Not only is the Mic detachable but can be pointed in any direction of your choosing.

The adjustable headband is very durable and can accommodate any head size.Sound quality can be as expected not what a hundred dollar headset would be able to provide but it’s also not that bad considering the price tag.
• Detachable Mic with Uni-Directional Noise Cancelling features
• Adjustable Headband to fit any head size
• Bass enhancement sound
• Foldable design
• Cool LED lights


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Syba Speaker Driver Gaming Headset with Detachable Mic

Headsets with mic for PC

This multi function Gaming headset can be connected to your computer and Xbox One for playing online games. Just like the Dragon War Beast Gaming Headset you’ll be able to remove the Mic from the Syba gaming headset.


The really long thick cord gives a gamer the convenience of not sitting to close to the PC that can lead to strain on the eyes. With the independent controller, it surely makes it more convenient to adjust the volume settings to your liking.


Those long gaming tournaments can be very annoying with a pair of headsets that you consistently need to adjust but with this Syba Gaming Headset, those long sessions will be very comfortable.
• Multifunction headset for computer and Xbox One
• Independent controller
• Good game playing sound
• Detachable Mic
• Noise cancellation feature


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Hamswan Professional Wireless Gaming Headset

Headsets with mic for PC

The Hamswan Professional Gaming Headset connect wireless to your computer, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and Flat Screen TV’s that has a digital optical port for pairing. Hamswan which needs no introduction into the gaming market made this wireless gaming headset as superior as possible with a price tag that is very affordable to most gamers.


This plug and play headset not only supports 2.0 but is also compatible with 1.0 /1.1 interface.You’ll be able to get the maximum game playing hours for up 12 hours with a fully charged battery.


The microphone is detachable and adjustable according to your liking. With a maximum of 10 meters, there is no need for close contact to your PC while using the wireless function for gaming. The non –driver USB sound card which is Microsoft approved reproduce real sound through the headset.
• Detachable and adjustable Mic
• Wireless design for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3
• Comfortable design for maximum play
• Long battery life of up to 12 hours
• Great noise cancellation features
• Non-driver sound card reproduce original real sound


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These Headsets with Mic for PC will not only save you a ton of money but with good care and handling, you can be sure to receive good sound, comfort, and multi-functionality. In addition, gamers need a gaming case that will complement your headset so be sure to read the review on Corsair Carbide Gaming Cases.
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