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We all should and need to be more eco-friendly towards our beloved earth. We as inhabitants of this planet should strive to get into the habit of buying products that can be recycled for further use in the future. Most manufacturing companies produce one or another eco-friendly laser printer to display their willingness to contribute to the future of our planet. As a matter of fact, we all need to strive to keep our planet safe and toxic free not for ourselves but for our children’s children. In today’s echo friendly article I like to share a few Eco-Friendly Laser Printers that can be used at home and in an office.

Brother Wireless Monochrome Printer


If you are looking for a paper jam free monochrome laser printer than the Brother Wireless Monochrome Printer would suit you just fine. With this almost paper jam free laser printer it is very unlikely that you will not trade it for any other printer unless you need a Echo Friendly Laser Printercolor printer for printing digital photo’s or projects that need some color.


This eco-friendly laser printer will save you enormous amounts of time due to its printing speed efficiency.


This is one of few cost-effective laser printers which features two-sided paper printing and is also Energy Star Qualified which will save you on electricity bills.


Methods of Connectivity

The Brother Wireless Monochrome Printer gives you the flexibility in three sorts of connectivity that you can choose from example USB, Wireless, and Gigabit Ethernet. Printing is even made possible with the use of your cell phone through various platforms like AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Brother iPrint & Scan, Cortado Workplace and Wi-Fi direct. This will surely not leave you stranded even though you are miles away from your printer.


• Easy to setup or you can let Amazon professional do the wireless setup for you
• Fast printing speeds of up to 42ppm
• Various connectivity options
• Two-sided printing for paper saving options
• Print from various platforms like AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, etc
• Eco-friendly laser printing with cost saving functions
• Automatic toner ordering system from Amazon Dash



brother 1

Brother Wireless Monochrome Printer from

A cost saving, eco-friendly laser printer with multiple connectivity options to make life more pleasurable.



Lexmark Monochrome Printer

As we all know that Lexmark Printers offers real value and performance when it comes to printers. With this Monochrome printer, you will absolutely get what u pay for and that is a pure high-performance maintenance free printer with 128MB memory Echo Friendly Laser Printerand an 800 MHZ Dual Core Processor.


While most laser printers take up 20 seconds to warm up and print their first paper this eco-friendly laser printer prints its first page in 6.5 seconds.


Get guaranteed printing speeds of 35 ppm (black) with the Lexmark printer which will produce rich black and smooth gray’s up till the very last page.


Connection Abilities and Warranty

Like most wireless printers you will also have the benefit of wireless printing through various platforms like Google Cloud Print, AirPrint and Wi-Fi direct through with your Apple or IOS devices. Lexmark provides extremely good support through their 1-year warranty plan, multiple support options through live chat, e-mail, telephone support and remote assistance. In addition with their advance exchange system, you will have the option to receive a new printer if you are ever in need of a device replacement.


• Fast printing speed of 35 ppm
• AirPrint ready
• Low maintenance printer
• 129 MB of memory with an 800 GHZ dual-core processor


lexmark 1
Get the Lexmark Monochrome Laser Printer from Amazon

The monochrome laser printer with high-speed printing and superior print quality, up to the last page.



These eco-friendly laser printers is manufactured to be more efficient while saving you money and time from your busy schedule.
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