Best Budget Desktop Speakers Under $100

You better believe it but to get the perfect sound from your computer you need a pair of computer speakers whether it is computer speakers with USB connection or a pair of surround sound speakers with a sub-woofer or some smaller satellite speakers. It is absolutely impossible to be able to get that perfect sound from just some built-in computer or laptop speakers to watch your favorite movies or have a jol to your favorite rhythms. In this short article, we’ll be reviewing a few good best budget desktop  speakers with USB connection that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Bose Companion 2 Best Budget Desktop Speakers

As we all know Bose creates sound speaker systems with a relatively high price tag but with that price tag comes great sound, quality engineered designs and a tremendous value of trust with superior help and support. It is actually beyond believed that Bose created a pair of computer speakers that is will fit your budget and also comes Best Budget Desktop Speakerswith quality sound that you can expect from Bose speakers.


This pair of USB computer speakers can be played at any volume and you’ll receive high-quality clear performing sound.


With this computer speakers with USB connection the possibilities is wide stretch because you’ll also be able to play your favorite sounds at high levels through your iPad or iPhone.
• Plug and play USB computer speakers
• Compatible with your iPhone or iPad
• Connect a secondary speaker through the auxiliary input
• Clear sound at high levels

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Dragonwar Music Revolution Professional Gaming Speakers


It is obvious that we as music and movie lovers also need a pair of good looking speakers to complement our gaming systems. The Dragonwar professional gaming speakers not only comes with magnificent sounds like deep bass and high treble effects but it alsoBest Budget Desktop Speakers comes with a cool looking design and blue LED lights.


This best budget desktop speakers with USB connection is combined with an active and passive speaker to give you the 3D sound quality.


The cord between these speakers is relatively short so these cheap USB computer speakers will look awkward on both sides of a 27-inch monitor.
• Cool looking design with Blue LED Lights
• 3D sound technology with 2.0 channel output
• Plug and play
• Clear and anti-noise technology

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Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System


So what can the Creative Inspire Speaker System provide you with that the top 2 computer speakers with USB connection cannot produce? Well with this multimedia speaker system you will not only receiving good quality sounds and a great looking design but you’ll Best Budget Desktop Speakersalso be able to connect these cheap computer speakers with USB connection to multiple devices like Gaming headsets, Laptops, MP3 Players and Cell Phones.



This pitch black, slim and lightweight multimedia speaker system will definitely blow your mind with its BassFlex technology that produces a low frequency.


Connecting these babies to your computer or laptop is very easy, just plug the power cord into the wall socket and the speaker plug into the computer’s speaker jack and you are good to go.
• Compatible with your laptop, cell phone or MP3 player
• Great looking design
• Enjoy decent sounds with the BassFlex Technology that produces like frequency
• Comes with a 34mm driver


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We’ve looked at some best budget desktop speakers with USB connection and ultimate had to choose which of these three would walk away with the crown. I will leave that decision for you to make, so let us hear your thoughts by leaving a comment below.




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