Wireless Home Security Systems for Renters

Spending thousands of dollars on wireless home security systems for renters may sound like the perfect choice but what if you don’t have the budget for it. A cheap security system for renters can work just as well if not even better than a thousand dollar alarm system. In actual fact, thieves expect you to install the high price ticket home security system so they can easily monitor you from any location.



Statistical Data of Home Burglaries


Statistics shows that every minute four home burglaries take place that is every 15 seconds. Over 60% is forcible entry and 30% gain entry through an open window or an unlocked door.

According to research from the Department of Criminology and Justice most thieves avoid homes with security systems. A combination of cheap clever anti alarm systems is all that you need to scare off potential burglars gaining entry into your home.


In this report, we will have a look into cost effective but also clever home security systems for renters and home owners that will protect your valuable assets from burglars.



Fake TV Burglar Deterrent


This Fake TV Burglar Deterrent makes your home look occupied while you are not at home. The Fake TV is relatively easy to use, with a simple one switch operation. Don’t let the word fake scares you off, the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent will fake the potential burglars into believing that someone is watching TV.


This cheap yet but powerful anti-theft alarm system uses an adapter to simulates the light of a 27-inch TV screen. The super bright LED’s can fill a home security systems for rentersroom with thousands of possible color shades making the home look occupied.


The different settings make it possible to let it automatically switch on or off or you can set it on an external timer to select specific times when you need it to turn on or off.


Recap of the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent


  •   Simple to use, just plug in and forget
  •   The thousands of LED lights make the house looks occupied
  •   It simulates the light of a 27-inch LCD TV
  •   Cheap but effective home security system for renters


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This small product really does big things.


Vic Tec – Wireless Doorbell Security Alarm


If you need a refreshing doorbell with an amazing renters security system than the Vic Tec Wireless Doorbell is one of the best home security systems for renters or home owners. Affordable and easy to install. Just stick it with double-sided tape on any door or window or use the anchors and screws to mount it on any wall.


This 4-1 Wireless Doorbell Alarm system has it all. This small wireless device is installed with a motion detector, emergency light, calling buzzer and burglar home security systems for rentersalarm. With 36 built-in ringtones, you will be able to choose the best tone to your liking.


The operating range of this small wireless doorbell security alarm is not less than 100m in distance.


The strong signal has a long distance range and can even penetrate walls. The very sensitive and intelligent motion detector can detect motions from up to 5m.


Key Features of the Vic Tec Wireless Doorbell Renters Home Security System


  •  4-I Security system, doorbell, alarm system, motion detector and calling buzzer
  • No need for electricians, DIY installation
  • Can be used as an emergency light when electricity goes out
  • Very robust and strong to withstand corrosion
  • Automatic switch for when it is getting darker



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An alarm system calling buzzer, emergency light and doorbell



Canary All-in One Home Security Device


This innovative gadget is not only a security system for your home but it can also monitor air quality, home temperature and humidity home security systems for rentersto help you stay healthy as much as possible. The built-in motion detector will be able to scare off any burglar with it’s powerful 90+ db siren.


This home security system for renters uses intelligent notifications so you’ll be able to receive instant notifications straight to your Android device in case of any burglary attempt.


Key Features of The Canary All-in-One Home Security System


  • Stream real time 1080p HD video quality to your Android device
  • See and hear in real time with the 147 degree angle lens
  • Monitor your home’s air quality
  • No monthly contracts
  • Plug and play ready(internet connection is required)
  • Can be used as a baby monitor

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One of the smartest home security systems for renters




Is it not the time to protect your home against unscrupulous burglars? Secure your home today with these Clever Anti-Theft home security systems for renters and enjoy a peaceful weekend out.




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