Top 5: Best Mechanical Keyboards 2017 for Gamers/Programmers

Welcome to another Tech inspired post. With the new year around the corner, we’ve decided to take a peek at the Best Mechanical Keyboards 2017 for Gamers or Programmers in their respective price category. Before we have a look at the top 5 list I would like to mention the Das Keyboard for Professionals (one of my favorite) with its MX Blue Mechanical Switches which is geared towards persons in the technical field. It’s got this nice modern and elegant design to it but still has that mechanical feel to it for gaming. So without further delay, we kept the best for last on the list.


5. AULA Wings of Liberty Mechanical Keyboard

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The first mechanical keyboard on the list, in its respective price range, is the AULA Wings of Liberty Keyboard. Probably the best affordable mechanical keyboard with some of the best reviews on Amazon. The Wings of Liberty is a low budget mechanical keyboard with spin-off cherry MX blue switches.
Regardless of these switches it still provides gamers with a clickety-click tactile feedback.

The keyboard also features a 26 key role over which should be good enough for gamers on a budget. Further features include 1 USB port, multimedia keys, gold-plated UDB connector, and is waterproof with an elegant palm rest to reduce hand fatigue.
Weighing in at only 3 pounds the AULA Wings of Liberty is as light as can be expected but build quality is good and sturdy. The Liberty comes in a white finish complimenting a white desktop setup.


4. Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Fourth on our list of Best Mechanical Keyboards 2017 for Gamers/Programmers is the Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum. This mechanical keyboard is one of Logitech’s cheapest keyboards and features the exclusive Rumor-G Mechanical Switch. The Rumor-G Mechanical Switch is designed for those who primarily are not into MX Switches.

The keyboard itself is somewhat in the smaller size range making it perfect for people struggling with desktop space. The keyboard is also lightweight making it easy to carry around.

Unlike the MX Cherry keys the Romer-G keys provide a shorter typing keystroke travel distance feeling like a regular membrane keyboard. Other than this the Logitech G410 Atlas offers full RGB lighting of 16.8 million colors. Each key can individually by customizing to your liking.

The RGB lighting is bright and vibrant while the software is easy to control. Included in the packages is an Arx Control App and Dock to display vital in-game information and vital system statistics which can be viewed on iOS and Android operating systems.


3. Corsair STRAFE Mechanical Keyboard

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Also on our list of Best Mechanical Keyboards 2017 is the Corsair STRAFE Mechanical Keyboard for just under 100 dollars. This is a stripped  down or cheaper version of the Corsair K70 but it is one of the best keyboards for programmers and gamers in the $100 category. The keyboard has a beautiful sleek design and seems to be almost finger print resistant. The distinctive Corsair logo is also present in the left upper corner of the keyboard.
Even though this is kind of like the baby brother of the Corsair K70 it performs extremely well under pressure. All keys are fully programmable so you can reassign any key or even set up the most extreme macros for gaming. The Cherry MX key switches deliver a competitive gaming advantage over competitors while introducing a smooth linear response with a wider actuation point.
More features include USB pass-through for connecting your mouse or wireless headset adapter, dynamic backlighting for virtually unlimited backlighting adjustments and audio on the fly while gaming and 100% anti-ghosting with 104 key roll over. The Corsair STRAFE is a complete package for under $100.


2. Azio Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

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The Azio Mechanical Keyboard has a nice premium look and feels to it. While the Azio doesn’t have all the amazing features like the Corsair STRAFE I consider this one in a league of it’s own. For an inexpensive mechanical keyboard, it surely got some really good reviews over the course of time.

This has a gunmetal gray finish and it’s even fingerprint resistant. It even has a nice volume control wheel in the upper right corner which is something different than your normal volume control keys.
The Azio Gaming Keyboard performs exceptionally well, not just for gaming but also for performing typical typing tasks.

This mechanical keyboard includes features like white backlit illumination ensuring visibility of keys during ambient light, full key rollover, convenient shortcut keys such as e-mail, multimedia controls, and calculator and it even has a nice looking detachable palm rest.


1. Corsair K70 RGB RAPID Fire Mechanical Keyboard

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Now for the Best Mechanical Keyboard 2017, the Corsair K70 build for gamers and programmers. Now if you want a gaming keyboard with all the bells and whistles and everything in between then this is the keyboard you definitely need in your arsenal. This is a high-end premium peripheral with Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum for superior durability. This is Corsair’s fastest gaming keyboard ever and will be for a long time.
Features of this premium peripheral include 100% anti-ghosting, full key rollover and USB pass through for uninterrupted game play for your mouse and wireless headset adapter. The FPS and MOBA keycaps have a nice textured feel to it for maximum grip and enhanced feel.
The backlighting features give you full control over virtually unlimited customization effects. The smart and genius powerful Corsair Utility Engine supports advanced macro programming and virtually unlimited game customization. This full fledge RGB gaming keyboard also supports a soft detachable wrist rest for those long gaming sessions.


Final Thoughts

Well, there you have some of the Best Mechanical Keyboards 2017 for gamers and programmers. You can also check out our previous reviews on these budget mechanical keyboards and maybe get a pair of good looking headsets so you won’t need to disturb the neighbors while crushing your enemies.


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