Best Shock Resistant Cases for Kids Tablets 2017

Modern day tablets are made very fragile and can easily break or crack with even the slightest bump or accidental fall. When this happens, replacing the screen (if only the screen broke) can cost you about the same as a new tablet. A shock resistant case can be a life saver in these sorts of situations. Not only will these protective cases protect tablets from getting unnecessary scratches and broken screens but it also looks stylish and is portable. So we’ve round up some of the best shock resistant cases for kids tablets, giving you peace of mind when the unexpected should happen.

BMOUO Shock Proof EVA Stand Kids Case

Best Shock Resistant Cases for Kids Tablets 2017

The BMOUO Shock Proof Stand Kids Case comes in various colors like blue, pink, black, orange, red, etc to fit your kid’s outfit. This protective case is super lightweight and durable. The case is made from the hazard free safe material. The handle doubles as a stand and can also be carried due to its portability. The case is entirely made out of durable EVA foam rubber which gives resistance against bumps and drops.

The holes line up perfectly for the earphones and charger while the SD card slot is nicely hidden away under the case. All the other cutouts for the rear camera, volume buttons and speakers match up perfectly against the tablet.

• Dual purpose handle
• Various colors
• Non-toxic EVA rubber foam material
• Lightweight
• Perfect for kids and adults

• Designed for Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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Fintie Silicone Case for Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

Shock Resistant Cases

The Fintie Silicone Case comes in 10 different fun and bright colors to choose from. The shock resistant case made from a rubber-like silicone material protecting the tablet from getting unnecessary scratches and bumps. The rubbery grip on the back gives extra protecting when holding it in your hand. All the cutout holes match up perfectly against the volume controls, camera, and charger.

The case extends beyond the face of the Tablet in the case of any drops the screen will not make contact with the ground. For extra protection, it is highly recommended to get a glass screen protector to accompany these shock resistant cases.

• Fits 7’’ Fire Tablet
• Rubber grip at the back
• Openings fit nicely
• Backed up with a 12-month manufacturer warranty

• Fits only Amazon Fire 5TH Generation tablets
• Not super easy to clean

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Fire 7 2015 Case with Convertible Handle

Shock Resistant Cases

The Fire 2015 Case with convertible handle is entirely made out of durable EVA foam rubber. The material is soft and safe for kids to keep in their hands. The handle doubles as a tablet stand and support landscape viewing. The cut out holes provides full access to all ports and functions of the tablet for easy access. This super lightweight shock proof case with its 180-degree rotatable handle allows the case to stand upright on a tablet for best viewing of movies.

The shock absorption material which is made from EVA foam rubber protects the tablet from bumps and scratches that might occur. The raised screen bezel performs as an extra layer of protection should the tablet fall on its face. It also comes with 7 different colors to choose from like blue, orange, pink, red, purple, dark black and green.

• 180-Degree rotatable grip
• Constructed from impact-resistant EVA material
• Super lightweight and safe for kids and grownups
• Raised screen bezel for extra protection

• No screen protector
• Handle is not detachable

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Final Thoughts



These shock resistant cases not only protects your expensive tablet but it looks and feel great. Made from super lightweight material to carry and dual-featured handles the BMOUO ShockProof EVA Handle Stand Kids Case is a very good choice according to price and features. You may also like to read our most popular Pinterest post on Best Tablet for Toddlers with WiFi.