Top 3 Large Gaming Mouse Pads and Mats for Gamers

Gaming mouse pads seem like something unimportant, but once you’re deep into gaming, you’ll understand why a gaming mouse pad is a must-have for every gaming setup. Each of these gaming mouse pads incorporates technologies that create gamer-friendly features, such as better tracking capabilities, textured surfaces, water resistance, and much more. Below are 3 Large Gaming Mouse Pads we love and recommend to every gamer who’s looking for a good gaming mouse pad:

ENHANCE GX-MP2 XL Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Large Gaming Mouse Pads

The ENHANCE GX-MP2 XL Extended Gaming Mouse Pad by Accessory Power is a top rated favorite that’s over-sized to house both your keyboard and mouse. It’s built with one of the smoothest and nicest fabric while both slow and fast movements are easily achieved for perfect accuracy for FPS games.

Smooth Surface – Straight out of the packaging, you’ll notice how smooth and silky the top surface feels. Thus providing for minimal friction and performs well with both wired and wireless laser mice. On the bottom is a sticky rubber material providing a constant grip on your table or desktop surface. Ensuring for a non-slip movement when gliding across the mat.

Anti-Fray Stitching – Around the edge of this large mouse gaming pad, you’ll notice a thick band of sewn threads that keep the edges from curling. This extra thick band adds a new level of durability and has shown to extend the lifespan of the mat with regular use.

Inexpensive – The ENHANCE GX-MP2 is an affordable option for most people. Plus, it’s available in two different colors – blue or red – so you can select whichever style suits your gaming setup best.

Made For All Games – This mouse pad is designed to work well with any type of game you’re playing may it be FPS or Multi Player Games.

3 Year Warranty – Backed by a full 3 year warranty period, you can be confident knowing that it’s going to keep up well over time without any issues.

Overall the ENHANCE GX-MP2 XL Extended Gaming Mouse Pad is a wonderful piece of peripheral for those who needs a large mouse pad that’s designed to excel with your gaming experience. With its huge surface, fast and accurate, a full three year warranty period, and inexpensive price tag the Enhance GX-MP2 XL is definitely one of our favorites.

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SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

Large Gaming Mouse Pads

The SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad is another top performer over at Amazon and a gamer-favorite. Particularly for its performance and design which is built with several high-end features.

Tracking and textured surface: The SteelSeries 4HD has a super-fine textured surface which was manufactured with thousands of light-reflecting points. Making it a superb enabled tracking mouse pad. With this advanced tracking technology, gamers are able to glide their mouse for high-velocity and minimal moves creating the perfect movement across the surface.

Design: The SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad is made from a hard plastic composition and manufactured for precise gaming movements. Underneath the mouse pad is a rubber layer that provides the mat with a steady grip on the surface.

Waterproof and Stain Resistant: The SteelSeires 4HD is certainly not only designed and manufactured for speed and tracking performances but is also waterproof and stain resistant. This feature will definitely prolong the lifespan of the mat and in addition, you’ll receive a cleaning cloth to keep it in a mint condition.

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Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat

Large Gaming Mouse Pads

The Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Pad is yet another awesome choice that’s built with a wrist rest for extra comfort and two state-of-the-art tracking surfaces. The two state-of-the-art surface enables you to choose how your mouse performs based on the type of game and your specific playing style.

Dual-sided feature: This large gaming mouse pad is designed with a non-slip, anti-reflective hard coat which is also abrasive resistant. Each side of this gaming pad provides different designs, a surface for specific game performance, and a personal gaming style.

Speed Mat: The speed mat is manufactured with a smooth and flatten surface. Thus making it ideal for high-sensitivity gamers, since the smooth surface lets gamers move the mouse with ease. The speed mat comes in handy for the person who needs to act fast in FPS games by hitting their target more efficiently.

Control Mat: The control mat is designed for low-sensitivity gamers that require very accurate and precise movements. The rough surface allows the mouse to move with more brute force giving the gamer a more precise movement.

Dual Sides: This function was tested by hundreds of professional gamers to pass specific tournament standards.

Razer Synapse enabled: Razer’s Synapse software is compatible with this Dual-Sided mouse mat, which means you can calibrate it to your Razer mouse without any problem. This will ensure that your mouse identifies the specific surface through sensors, allowing you to focus on your gaming.

Wrist Rest: The Razer Vespula Mat will not only maximizes performance for gamers but also offers maximum comfort and relief. Its wrist rest is made of a gel-filled material, letting you game for longer periods of time without straining your arm and protecting your wrist from gaming fatigue.

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Final Thoughts

All these Large Gaming Mouse Pads that we’ve reviewed above are fantastic options and would do wonders for your gaming experience. The Razer Vespula Gaming Mouse Pad may be a bit overpriced but the dual-sided function is one major asset for most professional gamers. The SteelSeries 4HD with its advanced tracking technology and water and stain resistant features will be of great value to beginners who constantly switch from one game to another. Lastly the ENHANCE GX-MP2 XL Extended Gaming Mouse Pad provides a bigger surface for both keyboard and mouse combo and backed with a 3 year warranty period.