Top 3: Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100 – 2017 – Buyers Guide

Well if you are like me then you would agree to purchase the right gaming keyboard especially if you rely on online gaming as a means of providing an online income. Most of the best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars, rely on mechanical switches providing gamers with a superior tactile feedback. Unlike your normal typist keyboard with the silicone dome, the key press registers thousands of a second faster.

Ultimately this leads to a faster command that’s been sent to chipset of the keyboard giving the gamer the edge over competitors.Not only will you have the benefit of a faster registered key press but other benefits include anti-ghosting, dedicated macro keys, customized backlighting, replaceable W, A, S, D and Arrow Keys etc.

The more advanced type of gaming keyboard offers, even more, features like stats tracking and text and audio communication. Our list of the best gaming keyboard under 100 2017:

1. MechanicalEagle X-7300 With Rainbow LED Backlit


The Mechanical Eagle X-7300 is a top pick for the best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars. The Eagle has so much to offer for gaming enthusiasts. This is a full fledged 104 keys mechanical keyboard and compatible with Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP. This driverless plug and play keyboard have a 1.8M quality cable with a gold plated USB interface which makes transferring data between keyboard and PC very stable.

Accompanying this ergo dynamic gaming keyboard is a palm rest and hand holder that helps with fatigue against extensive gameplay.
Operating with 8 built-in lighting effects and 9 lighting modes to choose from, so you will have the ability to make gaming a bit more colorful. Keys are made from top-grade ABS and aluminum brushed alloy withstanding up to 50 million keystrokes.

• Blue switches for responsiveness and durability
• Double shot injection molded keycaps
• 8 Built-in lighting effects
• Anti-ghosting
• Plug and Play
• Up to 50 million keystrokes


• Nonreplaceable keycaps
• No dedicated macro keys

The MechanicalEagle X-7300 is available over at Amazon

2. HAVIT Macro Settings RGB Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


HAVIT needs no introduction as they pride themselves as one of the best gaming keyboard manufacturers. The HAVIT RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard comes in two colors to choose from: black and white. Each keyboard is constructed with 104 floating keys with an independent brown switch (Kailh Switch).

Furthermore, the keyboard is designed with adjustable multiple RGB backlit modes (One-Click Lighting Mode, One-Click Zone Lighting Mode, Ripple Backlit Lighting Mode and Response Speed Lighting Mode).

The unique sidebar RGB backlit can be independently controlled by pressing the Fn+Print / Fn+Scroll keys simultaneously. For more custom settings like brightness and speed adjustment the following combinations can be applied: for speed adjustment press FN+ left or right arrow and for backlit brightness adjustment press Fn + up or down arrow keys. The HAVIT Gaming keyboard also supports N-Rollover key and 6 multimedia keys for easy access to multimedia functions.

• 104 Anti-ghosting keys
• 4 Adjustable RGB backlit modes
• Programmable macro keys
• Unique side RGB backlit
• Interchangeable keycaps
• 1 Year warranty

• Don’t support key switch changes

The HAVIT RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard is available over at Amazon

3. Turbot Backlit Water Resistant Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Turbot Water Resistant Gaming Keyboard offers a bit more features, customization and durability for a true best gaming keyboard under 100 top pick. With perfectly executed commands the durability of each switch can last up to 50 million strokes. The exclusively designed blue switches deliver a very distinctive tactile feedback straight to your fingertips. The full 104 Anti-Ghosting keys allow for multi-tasking while each key is controlled by an independent switch.

The Turbot Water Resistant Gaming Keyboard supports 9 backlighting effects while the color brightness and speed adjustment can be change to your choosing. Another feature any gamer enthusiast love is the ability to customize gaming features through his keyboard.

While the Turbot Mechanical Keyboard is already installed with ten preset game presets, gamers will have the option to customize up to two presets themselves.


• Water Resistant and Wrist Rest

• Keycap puller for pulling keys
• 104 Anti-Ghosting keys
• Customize LED effects
• Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista and Mac OS

• Lighting around the edge cannot be controlled

The Turbot Wired Gaming Keyboard is available over at Amazon

Final Thoughts
Whether you’re a gamer that doesn’t accept defeat or you’re a typist plugging along on your outdated keyboard, these under $100 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards for 2017 we’ve reviewed above will suit your needs just fine. With features like wrist rest for long typing hours, waterproof designs for that unexpected events, interchangeable keycaps for customization and LED effects there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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