Logitech Webcam C920 HD Pro Best Buy

Why should YOU choose the Logitech Webcam C920 HD Pro compared to other HD web cameras on the market? Is it because of the name (Logitech) because of its HD features or maybe it’s because of style, elegance and competitive price.

In this comprehensive report, I’ll discuss the positive and negative aspects of the Logitech Webcam C920 HD Pro to help you make an informative decision, but the final choice is yours.


Video Quality of the Logitech Webcam C920 HD Pro   Capture

The HD Pro not only shoots gorgeous videos but its picture and video quality precedes its competitors. Filming in full 1080p HD and keeping a 30 graph for reliability cost for enormous determination.

Most other HD webcams only have the ability to shoot videos up to a maximum of 720p HD at a 30 graph for reliability. At a rate of 1080p HD, you’ll discover the streaming between to webcams is more flawless than the 720p HD Webcams.

Photo Capturing

At 15 megapixels taking still, photo’s it is obvious why the Logitech Webcam C290 HD Pro is in a class of its own. Comparing the picture quality with even most cell phones, it is worth the buy.

The HD Pro C920 uses a Carl Zeiss optical lens that contributes to it unprecedented video chatting and picture quality that even gives other webcams in its own range a run for their money. With this glass lens, you will not only get clear images but auto focusing is smooth and precise.


With the built-in face detection application, you can move around and it will concentrate on you while video chatting. It also comes with a motion detection feature which you can use for the security of your home. The stylish blue LED lights on the side of the webcam let you know when you are recording which another amazing feature is.

More Features

The Logitech HD Pro C920 is really easy to use and is also self-adjustable. With the 6 feet long cable made especially for those who like to sit in front of the television, you’ll be able to relax on the sofa while doing some video chatting with loved ones. Furthermore, it is adaptable to most tripod stands.

Sound Quality

This webcam comes with dual Mics one on both sides of the cam that generates high-quality stereo sound and reduce noise automatically.

System Requirements

System requirements for Logitech HD Webcam Pro C920 are the following:
– Windows 7 or any other later Operating System
– USB Port
– Internet Connection
– Logitech HD Pro Webcam Drivers

The HD Pro comes with a full 2 years limited hardware warranty.



Positive Aspects

  • Picture Quality – 15 megapixels (Still Photos)
  • Video Quality – 1080p HD (Skype, recordings and Calls)
  • Stereo sound
  • Dual Mics
  • Motion Detection
  • Face Detection
  • Cable Length – 6m
  • Supports Tripods
  • Quality

Negative Aspects

  • Price (maybe just too expensive for some people)
  • A bit on the Big Side (Considering the two Misc on both sides)

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Considering all the facts given above it is obvious that the positive results over shadow the negative results and therefor I recommend the Logitech Webcam C920 HD Pro as one of the best HD webcams currently on the market.


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