Interactive Pet Monitor – Top 3 Choices

If your pet suffers from anxiety for being all alone in that big house than you should probably read on. If you’ve been searching for a wireless interactive pet monitor to communicate with your pets while you are out shopping or at work than I’ve got just what you need.

As a pet lover, we must ensure that we take responsibility for our pets by giving them all the love and attention.

Be a Responsible Pet Lover


Just imagine how lonely he/she would be especially without a companion to keep him/her busy. Now imagine how excited he/she will be if they could see you through an Interactive Pet Monitor Cam.

In this article, we’ll be investigating the top 3 Interactive Wireless Pet Monitors which could boost your furry love one’s self-esteem.


Petcube Interactive Pet Monitor

This stylish 4x4x4 inches cube with aluminum housing is a perfect little gadget to speak and watch over your furry loved ones. Imagine him hearing you through this Interactive Wireless Pet Monitor winking his tail excited to hear your voice as you watch him/her through your cell phone.


The Petcube is not just great for watching over them but it is a clever little device for exercising your furry loved ones while you’re not even home.


How Does This Petcube Work?

The Petcube uses a free Petcube app that you install on your phone to interact with your pet. The Petcube app lets you also share photos of your pet with friends and loved ones. As mentioned the Petcube app is free to download for any Smartphone.

Interactive Pet Monitor

This Interactive Wireless Monitor has a built-in laser toy which you can operate with your cell phone. This harmless laser toy also function as an exercise instrument that shines a laser from the cube that you can control in different directions for your pet to play with.


Basic Features of the Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

• The wide angle lens lets you view live HD video’s remotely
• You can speak and hear your pet through the built-in 2 Way Audio  stream
• Give your pet the necessary exercise with the built-in harmless laser toy
• Capture and share photos and videos with the free Petcube app with family and friends

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The Petcube Interactive Wireless Pet Monitor was built by pet lovers for pet lovers. Never miss a dull moment with your pet.


Pawbo Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Monitor Camera

While most Pet Monitor devices only focus on interacting with your pet, the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera took the Wi-Fi Pet Camera to the next level. This awesome device even has a Pet Treat Dispenser. Why not treat your furry friend to a little reward for good behavior.


How Does Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera Work?

Watch your favorite pet friend through an 720P HD live streaming from anywhere with the use of your Smartphone. The Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera is compatible with most Smartphones like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, an Android 4 and above is required for a connection to the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera.

Interactive Pet Monitor
With the free Pawbo app, you can instantly download your videos to Dropbox for safe keeping or to access it at a later stage.
An active pup is a healthy pup, and to keep your pet friend healthy the Pawbo has just the feature to accomplish that.


With the build-in laser dot chasing game, you will be able to give him a good workout while doing some errands.


Reward him/her with some snacks from the build-in treat dispenser.


Key Features of the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera

• Get an ultra wide 110-degree camera view of your pet
• Take stunning video’s and picture with the 720P HD camera
• The built-in two-way communication lets you talk and listen to your pet/pets
• The built-in laser game is an excellent way of keeping your pet active
• The built-in treat dispenser gives you the opportunity to reward him for his behavior
• The free Pawbo app gives you the opportunity to share video’s and pictures with anyone

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While most pet cameras only allow for one-way communication the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera lets you communicate both ways(speak and listen) to your pet. And with the extra treat dispenser who would not love to get one.


Petzi Treat Cam

While the Petzi Treat Cam is similar to the Petcube and Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet camera it supposed to have a two-way communication channel. The Petzi Treat Cam only have a one-way communication channel and let you only communicate with your pet(you won’t be able to hear him).

Interactive Pet Monitor
The Pet Monitoring Device (Petzi Treat Cam) also has a treat dispenser build into it for rewarding your pet with just a click of a button from your smart phone.
While the Pet Treat Dispenser is a bit on the small size for big dogs it makes a nice dispenser for smaller animals like a puppy or a cat.


Connecting the Petzi Treat Cam to your smartphone is a breeze with the free Petzi app.


Key Features of the Petzi Treat Cam

• One way communication channel with your favorite pet
• Built-in dispenser lets you reward your pup with some treat
• Excellent video and picture quality
• Free secure app to connect with your pet

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Final Thoughts

My overall decision of these pet monitoring devices would be that all of them have an excellent track record. The main key feature that all of them have is to spend time and keep an eye on your favorite pet.My obvious choice in picking one of these Pet Monitoring Devices would go to Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera.