Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro Miniature Computer

The Kangaroo from InFocus surely isn’t the smallest miniature computer in the world, but among most miniature PC’s it could be the most versatile and very inexpensive.

This miniature PC is small enough to fit into your pocket, and comes with a proprietary dock for connecting an external monitor over HDMI. The idea is that you can buy multiple docks, each connected to their own mouse and keyboard.

Miniature Computer

Computing power won’t be that much but it’s definitely not lacking any resources. With just a 2 Gig onboard RAM the Kangaroo uses an Intel “Cherry Trail” Atom x5-Z8500 processor, which typically appears in tablets. This miniature module also includes a 32GB of onboard storage space, a microSD expansion card slot, and even a fingerprint reader.

Depending on the use of the Kangaroo the battery can run for about four hours, with MicroUSB charging. Features of the dock include USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI output, and a charging port. The docking station of the Kangaroo is proprietary for video output.

Users can use the Lighting-to-USB cable to dock the PC to an iPhone or Ipad, using the Iphone or Ipad as a touchscreen monitor through this free companion app. The mouse controls is also supported using the Kangaroo’s dock USB ports.

The Kangaroo also supports Ubuntu for those who want to use a different operating system and it capable to add a Solid State Drive for additional storage space. Furthermore the USB dock has more than enough space to add additional components like Bluetooth speaker, Headphone plugs, Vega Port and HDMI port.

Miniature Computer

InFocus specializes in extra large touchscreen PC’s and projectors and the company has been operating for about 30 years providing digital office products. The Kangaroo miniature computer is InFocus big consumer play and it’s up for sale at Amazon for just under $170.00.

Setup is easy and all you need is a keyboard and mouse and monitor. This miniature computer is good for people who travel a lot and don’t need to carry heavy equipment around. The overall quality built is great but there have been some reports about the computer that’s been overheating a bit due to the lithium battery inside the Kangaroo.