Best SSD for Gaming

Solid State Hard Drives (SSD) are quickly replacing traditional hard drives as a means to store important data. A SSD performs better in terms of speed and actual life span. An important factor that most people experience in switching from your traditional hard drive to a SSD Hard Drive is that the boot-up speed is tremendously faster (you new solid state hard drive should be the bootable drive in your computer) in relation to a traditional hard drive.


This is made possible due to the use of flash memory in a SSD drive, while the traditional hard drive uses a solid round platter to store data on. Consumer reports have shown that more people buy these Solid State Drives not just for internal use but also for external drives.
After testing and reviewing a few of these SSD I’ve compiled a list of the best SSD available for your convenience.

Samsung 850 EVO Internal Solid State Storage Drive


One of the top performing drives available on the market. A drive that is capable of writing speeds of up to 520MB/s and producing reading speeds of up to 540MB/s. The EVO 850 delivers more speed and ultimately has a longer life span as its predecessor the EVO 840. Adding a SSD drive to your computer, and making it your main drive, should take you at least 15 minutes to complete the process.
After installing the Solid State Drive you should install the cloning softwareBest Solid State Storage (just follow the on-screen instruction guide) that came with the drive and make a replicate from the traditional drive.


After the cloning process is complete, switch the computer off and restart it with the SSD as the main operating drive.
• The Samsung EVO 850 read and write at incredible speeds
• Boost your computer performance of up to 1.9%
• Use it as a laptop disk drive and improves battery life of up to 50 minutes
• Secure your data with the AES 256-bit hardware encryption mode.
• The Samsung Magician software will give your SSD the extra boost in performance.



Best Solid State Storage for GamingSamsung 850 EVO Internal Solid State Drive

The Samsung EVO 850 is classified as the top performer in SSD Hard Drives and comes in various capacities ranging from 120GB up to 2TB of hard storage drive space.



Kingston Digital 120GB SSD


Breathing new life into your computer is an absolute necessity if you want to keep up with the new and upcoming computer parts for your PC. Just by replacing one single component in your computer can make a huge difference in performance.


With the Kingston Digital SSD, you will know exactly what I mean. This shock proof drive is able to handle writing and reading speeds, up to 450MB/s. With no moving parts, this drive is less likely to fail even through electrical failures or bumps and shocks.
The LSI customized controller which is made for Kingston Solid Best Solid State Storage for GamingState Storage Drive is well optimized for the next generation flash memory which will deliver quality and reliability for the drive.


The Kingston Solid State Drive is backed up with technical support for any inconvenience that you may have with your drive.
• Faster boot up speeds
• Up to 450MB/s read and write speeds
• Less drive failure than the traditional drives
• Drive capacities range from 60GB up to 960GB



kingston 1
Kingston Digital 120GB SSD

The 120GB Kingston Drive is the perfect entry level drive for beginners.




SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB SSD


Another well-performing drive that will definitely make a tremendous impact to your collection, as well to your gaming and professional preference is the SanDisk Extreme Pro Solid Drive. Make multi-tasking second nature with this Extreme Pro Drive in your computer bay.


No more lacking in reading and writing, because this drive can read and write files up to 520MB/s. This Extreme Pro is designed to run graphic intensive applications in hi-resolution with extreme speeds.
This drive is engineered to keep your data safe even through socks and irregular vibrations.


The on screen real time monitoring Best Solid State Storageapplication makes it easy to check up on the status of the drive and automatically alerts you when there are new firmware updates available.


In the event of a possible overheating, the Thermal Throttling Monitoring System alerts the drive to reduce throttling speed so the data can be kept safe. SanDisk Solid Drives comes in 3 capacities namely 240GB, 480GB and a 960GB drive.
• Reading and writing speeds of up to 520MB/s
• Smart Solid State Drive desk board application for monitoring the drive
• Shock and vibration resistant
• 10 Year limited warranty on the drive
• Automatic thermal throttling monitoring device


sandisk 1

SanDisk Extreme Pro 240GB SSD

This Solid Disk Drive that performs extremely well under extreme loads





Not only will a Solid State Storage Drive ultimately boost your computer’s performance but you will also be saving a few bucks on one of this drives that is decreasing in prize value.

I hope you found this article helpful in your search for the Best Solid State Storage for gaming.