How To Make Money Playing Video Games in 2017

Online gaming changed the way of gaming at a tremendous pace and can bring you some serious cash that is if you are able to market yourself as a gamer. Not only can it be financially beneficial but it can be a lot of fun as well. The best part of it all you can do most of this online gaming from the comfort of your couch except for when you need to be in person at a major gaming event. Making money from online gaming is getting tougher by the day and for many professional players, this is called their day job. So without further due let’s look at how to make money playing video games in 2017 and upwards.

Make Money Playing Video Games in 2017

How to Make Money Playing Video Games in 2017 – Top 5 List

Swagbucks will not only pay you for playing online games but you can even earn free gift cards for completing surveys, shopping online, watching videos, search and many more actions. As of to date, they’ve paid out more than $150.000.000 to their members. Obviously, you won’t get rich through these actions but for inexperienced marketers, this is a nice platform to start your online gaming adventure and in return getting paid for it. They’ll even pay you $5 just for creating a free account.


Game Testing Service
What not to like about being a game tester? This is probably the most interesting job that a person could have. Testing newly released games all day has its benefits but sadly testing the same game over and over again for a couple of days can become really boring.

There are two types of game testing jobs for individuals: Professional game tester which gets hired by companies (this will be your official day to day job) where you need to go to work in an office at a company.

Then you get the freelance game tester: The freelance game tester will obviously don’t need an office he/she can have their own schedule but will get paid lesser than the professional game tester. You will find some freelance game testing services at


Creating E-Books about Game Guides
If you know your game inside and out then this option could bring you some good payments in the form of E-Book downloads. There will obviously be some pitfalls like expenses to promote the e-book and getting someone to write the book. Apart from the expenses, you should be knowledgeable about special tactics and shortcuts within the game. One major benefit that this can have is that you will be seen as an expert in your field and can open up more doors for you.

One major disadvantage that most E–book creators face is traffic. Besides from your own website (should it not get enough traffic) you can use other platforms such as Amazon to promote your guide. Obviously, these other platforms will take a percentage of each e-book that’s been sold but you won’t have the headache of promoting it yourself.

Depending on the amount of pages and information these E-Books can be sold from as little as $10 and above.


Farming Gold and Collected Items
Making money from farming gold and collect items can be very tedious and time-consuming but it can be very lucrative in the long run. This depends on mainly upon how much this virtual product can be sold. To speed this up you would need some upfront capital to invest. Certain games like Warcraft actively try to ban this form of behavior while Counter Strike tries to promote this kind of practice.

Earnings can be from as little as a few pennies per 1000g of gold which mean you need a lot of virtual gold to see a real profit. This virtual gold can be sold to friends or even your opponents.
Professional Gaming Tournaments
This is the kind of gameplay every gamer dreams of. Some of these platforms like eSport are free to join with prizes of up to $20 Million Dollars per tournament. To have a share in this kind of reward you need to know your game inside and out. Gameplay is tough because you will be competing against the best in the world and won’t get paid for all your hours of online gaming.

So if you want to have some legitimate bragging rights and some serious cash than I suggest you take a shot at eSport Tournaments now because making money playing video games in 2017 will be much tougher than the previous years.

Make Money Playing Video Games in 2017
Gaming Peripherals You need for Online Gaming
For most of these online gaming adventures, you’ll definitely need a reliable gaming headset, a good gaming mouse, and a gaming keyboard to be taken seriously by your competitors. Good gaming peripherals don’t need to be expensive especially when you are just starting out. Have a look around this website hopefully, there’s something that you might need to start making money playing video games in 2017.

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