Coolest Gaming Mouse with Excellent DPI

Did you know that a keyboard and mouse is the used devices of a computer except the monitor that constantly needs to be on? While the mouse is the simplest part of a computer it is also one of the most important parts of a PC. Through the years, the mouse got transformed from the typical scroll mouse which had a ball underneath it with a left and a right button to click on a folder or images to the most coolest gaming mouse with laser sensors and more than enough buttons to keep you clicking for a lifetime.


Not only do we get some plain old standard mouse anymore but they also transformed in some cool shapes and sizes. Well if you are a gamer than it is obvious that one of the elements that a gamer need is a gaming mouse with awesome features like a responsive track pad, high-quality sensor, excellent scroll and click functions and of cause it should also be the coolest gaming mouse with good Fps.


Well in this short and descriptive article we’ll be looking and some of the coolest gaming mice that can take a punch when in the heat of a battle shoot out.


Redragon Centrophorus Gaming Mouse


This cool 6 button gaming mouse with its 15G acceleration speed, 2000 DPI, and 4000 FPS have a smooth and durable Teflon feet for an ultimate gaming experience.


The red backlighting makes it Coolest Gaming Mousepossible for gamer’s to play during the night without the need for searching for the mouse. An amazing 6 feet high quality braided fiber cable that is of utmost importance for durability and a longer lifespan.


While this gaming mouse is not wireless it connects with a USB connector for easy plug and play and is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. Weighing at an astonishing 140g this is almost the lightest gaming mouse with 6 optimized buttons and 2 programmable side buttons.


• 2 Programmable side buttons
• Plug and play
• 6 Meter high quality braided fiber cable
• 15G Acceleration speed and a 2000 dpi sensor
• High-quality plastic and lead-free

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Corsair Aluminum Gaming Mouse/Maybe The Most Coolest Gaming Mouse


One of the coolest gaming mouse designs that come from Corsair is made with an aluminum frame so it is almost unbreakable. This aluminum frame contour design has a three-zone 16.8M color Coolest Gaming Mousebacklighting that could light up any dark corner of any room.


A rapid response rate through the 8.2000 DPI Laser Sensor for ultimate game play and you’ll even be able to custom select your preferable speed.


Provided with an ergonomically design so it can feel like an extension of your arm. For those who like to have different settings for different games, you will now be able to store these profiles on the on-board profile settings feature. The low-friction contact points are designed to swiftly move around with minimal effort in tight situations a feature that all gamer’s need.


Playing games that need accurate and long range shots can be swiftly configured through the dedicated programmable sniper button. Please note: an internet connection is needed to download the control panel software.


• Ergonomic design for longer game play
• 16.8 Million backlit colors for preferable customization
• 8.200 DPI gaming grade laser for precious game tracking
• On-board profile storage feature
• Dedicated programmable sniper button
• Low friction points for swift precise movement

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Patriot Viper Laser Gaming Mouse

This low budget extreme position gaming mouse with zero delays in movement and accuracy comes with 9 programmable buttons for easy customization.


Equipped with an extremely accurate laser Coolest Gaming Mousesensor with up to 8200 DPI so you can rest assure to be more accurate than most of your online gaming friends.


Swiftly navigate through uncharted territory and heavily armed enemies with the ceramic foot pads that allow for ultimate performance and maximum speed.


This ergonomic gaming mouse is equipped with two interchangeable grips to offer players maximum customization. Weighing at just 29.4g of adjustable weight and 5 on-board profiles, this gamer’s mouse is one of the coolest gaming mouse with a 2-year warranty customer support system.


• Zero delays with the Extreme precision laser sensor
• Up to 12000 DPI for accuracy and speed
• Customizable LED colors
• 9 Programmable buttons
• Ceramic foot pads for maximum performance

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Finding the coolest gaming mouse with the best features that fit your style and gaming experience can be a daunting task. With the gaming world growing each day by the thousand isn’t it time for you to take your rightful place at the gamer’s table?

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