Cheap 2TB External Hard Drive With Automatic Backup

The My Passport has proven to be the best portable hard drive for 2016

The My Passport has proven to be the best portable hard drive for 2016 offering fantastic performance at a reasonable price that will suit most of us. The 3.0 Universal Serial Bus allows for speedy information to be moved to your PC’s built-in disk drive. This cheap 2TB External Hard Drive features a great transferring speed of 5, 120 megabits every second and outclass any other exterior computer drives having a Universal Serial Bus 2.0.

 Western Digital Cheap 2TB External Hard Drive


Available Storage Space of My Passport External Drives

The typical storage volume of the My Passport travel will be 500gig, 1 terabyte and also 2 terabytes of hard drive storage space.

As a result, this Cheap 2TB External Hard Drive delivers the most affordable cost-per-gigabyte quotes regarding any kind of lightweight disk storage drive upon its selection, so it is a good option when you’re in search of more space for storing your data at the most reasonable price.



The My Passport is actually branded after a real passport that a person travels with.

It weights approximately 8 ounce, and is very compact. Additionally improving your drive’s entire portability the My Passport is bus-powered, that means your exterior disk drive runs on one individual cable intended for transferring information and power simultaneously – an effortless element found on the majority of lightweight computer drives.

This traveler consists of one single colorful blue led that illuminates to show that there is actually some movement within the drive. With four smaller points underneath it, which help for the safety of the drive should it be placed on an angled surface.

This valuable feature makes it possible for you to place the drive wherever while it is in use.

cheap 2tb external hard drive
In an effort to lower carbon dioxide footprint, the outer shell is made from recycled materials in a way to be lighter and stronger for your convenience.


The plastic-type material may seem a lot less than stable, but it is astonishingly sturdy and was created to stand up to several trivial punishments, in spite of not having any kind of built-in drop safeguard just like a few of the various other exterior computer drives.

The greatest issue with the drive’s design will be which the high-gloss plastic-type material seems to bring in fingerprints and smudges.

Nonetheless, this particular aesthetic problem will be unimportant and isn’t really to be most of a challenge for most potential buyers.



Concentrating on small the design and top rated quality, further features might appear like an afterthought upon a lot of exterior computer drives. This drive’s numerous features are helpful, extremely versatile and customized intended for straight forwardness.

The My Passport type occurs pre-loaded with the business’s exclusive WD Smart Ware software.
While connected to your personal computer, the traveler will be displaying two distinct drives: one ordinary exterior disk drive using designated space for storing along with a 450MB travel made up of the factory-loaded software.

This combined setting provides each traveler effortless plug-and-play functioning and aids in averting a person from unintentionally erasing as well as sacrificing your associated software.

This pack contains the necessary travel software that will let you set up it and deal with numerous travel configurations.
Fact is that copying can certainly be a task, but with the My Passport copying your data (movies, songs, software, games etc.) makes it a breech, but if you are in need of a storage drive that will boost your computer’s speed by 1.9% than you can read my review on the best Solid State Hard Drives for Gaming

Once a full copy is created, you won’t have to be worried about backupperforming further backups since the software will probably automatically accomplish incremental backups each time you plug your drive in to your computer.

Which means the program is not only going to support records that are brand-new but as well as are actually improved data since the very last time it was attached.
Furthermore, the program offers a record retrieval functionality, which often can reestablish records that have been accidentally deleted out from your traveler. This operating function furthermore lets you obtain more mature as well as aged record types.


Software Utilities Of This Cheap 2TB External Hard Drive

Regarding tech-savvy end users, your software’s innovative configurations can often fixed specific web directories and records exits to help sync every time your lightweight disk drive will be slammed inside.




2TB External Portable Hard Drive

Secure your personal data with the 256-Bit AES storage drive


Most of these software utilities are compatible with any kind of operating system that your computer (whether it is a desktop computer or a laptop) is running.

The My Passport traveler furthermore shines in relation to protection features, which can be very important, intended for lightweight computer drives that have very sensitive as well as personal data.


Aid & Service

This lightweight portable disk drive and its integrated software are really easy to use, yet in the event of any technical concern as well as creation flaws, Western digital provides an array of valuable guides and service possibilities. Firstly, your exterior disk drive comes with a two-year warranty.

Though it can be surely superior to a one-year warranty, we’re a little bit dissatisfied with the warranty mainly because a lot of lightweight disk drive makers deliver extended auto warranties comprising three or even more decades.

For your warranty to become legitimate, you must sign up your lightweight disk drive through the product or service enrollment area through the Western Digital web site.


Secure Your Drive

carry case

Western Digital Carry Case

Protect your investment against any bumps and scrapes with this cheap carry case.





Amazon Basics Hard Carry Case for My Passport Essential

Fit easily into any backpack or brief case





This cheap 2TB External Hard Drive reigns supreme upon its competitors. It’s not only build for its speed and compatibility but it is also designed to make automatically backup your most valuable data while keeping it safe from unauthorized excess.


Seagate Backup Plus 2TB Portable External Hard Drive


With the Seagate Backup Plus 2TB you’ll have more than enough storage space to store that important data whether it is movies, music or software. Not only will you get a 2TB of space when buying the Seagate Backup Plus, but you’ll receive an additional 200GB of cloud storage space for the value of $95 for free from One Drive when you register your new Backup Plus Drive.


Sleek Design

The sleek metal design casing comes in various colors such as red, CHEAP 2TB EXTERNAL HARD DRIVEblue, silver, grey and black.


This Cheap 2TB External Hard Drive from Seagate can also be used with Lyve which is an app that is designed to share your photo’s and video’s wherever you are.


Transfer Files With Ease

No need to carry any power supplies around, because this cheap 2TB External Hard Drive has a cord that power the drive and transfer data simultaneously.



  • 2TB of storage space
  • Extra 200GB storage space from OneDrive
  • 3.0 and 2.0 Connectivity for fast file transfer
  • Lyve App lets you backup your photo’s and file from your phone
  • Plug and play



  • Only one offer can be redeemed per OneDrive Account
  • Offer may not be available in all countries




Seagate 2TB Portable External Hard Drive

Automatically share video’s and photo’s with the Lyve application


A Portable Hard Drive makes life so much easier. It can be used to play movies or music through your flat screen TV, or you can even plug it into your PS4 to enjoy your favorite movies. Take it wherever you go.

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