Why This Cheap Microphone Headset Will Awaken Your 8th Sense

The Cheap Microphone Headset from Sentey


Not everyone can afford a top of the range PC Gamer Headset that would cost you an arm and a leg. That is why Sentey manufactured the Sentey GS-4730 Cheap Microphone Headset with In-line control and Mic. Don’t let this price tag fool you for us as human beings always assume that the more expensive an item is the better it is. Obviously, that is not always the case, for example, a high ticket item’s price can dramatically decrease due to inflation or the liquidation of a company.

In this case, Sentey produced this Cheap Microphone Headset that is certainly not only thrown together to get it on the market but is manufactured with premium quality materials so you can look and get the feel like you just bought a thousand dollar headset.


Excellence in Quality

This high polished black modern design headset will be your center piece of attraction next to your high-value gaming rig. The Gold Plated 2.0 USB Connector gives this cheap microphone headset that finishing touch of superior craftsmanship.


Build to last you a solid few years of gaming, streaming of your favorite music collections and Skype with your besties. This cheap gold plated 2.0 USB connector headset will give you the most comfortable fit, for longer play times with the extra, bigger foam ear cushions.


Get Your Groove on With This Cheap Microphone Headset

Jam to the beat of your most addictive beats with the 7.1 digital surround sound headset with 4D Extreme Bass. Using the In-Line Mic/Control switch you can automatically switch between on or off,cheap microphone headset volume up or down without any hassle.


This cheap microphone headset with retractable arm makes an excellent pair of headset for musicians that need the clarity of authentic sounds.


While jamming to the deep bass levels you can rest assured that you will experience the gravity of the mids that this cheap computer headset can produce.

Product Features

• Enjoy the full experience of 7.1 surrounds sound headset
• A full blown 4D Extreme Bass Levels with DAC Unit
• Comfortable head fits with extra foam padded ear cushions
• Hassle free In-Line Mic /Control unit
• Gold plated USB 2.0 connector



Sentey 7.1 Digital Surround Sound Gaming Headset

A cheap microphone headset that will get you jamming till you drop.



While this cheap USB headset uses an open Mic source which can have a negative impact while using Skype the advantages far overshadow this one negative aspect of this cheap microphone headset.