Touchfire Keyboard And Carry Case For IPAD

The Touchfire keyboard might be ideal for you if you are a person who is constantly traveling and need a keyboard that is versatile and light and that will complement your iPad. With the feedback on the Kickstarter keyboard that it gained positive and negative aspects only, you can decide if it is the ideal accessory for your iPad.

Touchfire Keyboard And Carry Case

Touchfire Keyboard


The Touchfire is a small keyboard with a silicone enhance skin which covers your iPad’s touchscreen with a soft membrane that partially simulates a real, physical keyboard. The silicone skin is thin and tough. It comes with four bumps so that you’ll be able to rest your fingers on it without registering a key.


The touch fire keypad is designed to atomically attach itself to the iPad’s screen with magnets., taking up almost half of your iPad’s real estate which is a big minus. These magnets are strategically positioned to ensure a tight fit without the worries of damaging the iPad.


This revolutionary keyboard sets a new standard for the use of the iPad. Although the overlay of the skin is thin you can see the three-dimensional molded keys.


The Touchfire is designed to connect with your Ipad without any Bluetooth connectivity and it works even without batteries. The Touchfire reviews are not all that impressive but with a rating of more than 3 out of five certainly are not all that bad.


Considering the uniqueness of this revolutionary keyboard, it might take a few days to get used to the typing structure.


This keyboard also comes without a spacebar so to speak, the reason for this is that the space bar is not elevated like the other keys.


Considering that this keyboard has several advantages over traditional keyboards such as no shortcuts, they don’t require a great deal of motor control, easy to clean and is resistant to dust the overlay keyboard like the Touchfire is unique against its counterparts.

The touch screen top keyboard had 3146 backers to help get this Kickstarter keyboard off the ground.


Touchfire Keyboard


A valuable accessory that comes with the Touchfire is the Touchfire case version 2 that is the newer edition. These cases come in a variety of colors that will suit your needs.


As all carry cases, the Touchfire carry case also has the ability to rotate and bend to your specific needs for optimal viewing. Also, in addition, there are Touchfire wall mounts that can be purchase with the keypad. These wall mounts let you place your keypad on the side or doors of your fridge for easy accessibility.


What’s in the bundle?


  • Touchfire Keyboard
  • Touchfire Keyboard Carry Case
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Magnets

Positive Aspects

– Light and durable
– Easy to clean
– Don’t need any batteries
– Comes with a few accessories
– Improves text on the Ipad


Negative Aspects

– Takes almost half of the screen space from the iPad
– You’ll need to get used to the style of typing
– A bit over priced for just a rubber keyboard


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Make sure to check out the touchfire carry case out at and let me know what you think about it. I hope you found this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with someone you know.

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