Top 3: Best Cheap Mechanical Keyboard 2017

Whether you’re in the market to buy your first mechanical keyboard or just want to replace your mechanical keyboard, finding  the best cheap mechanical keyboard 2017 can be a challenge. There’s a ton of so called mechanical keyboards on the market. Some are good, some are bad and some are just downright terrible. So if you are looking for the best inexpensive mechanical keyboard with features like N-roll over keys, backlighting, replaceable keycaps, and ergonomic design,  we’ve provided you with a top 3 list to look at.

1st Player Firerose Water Proof Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Today, first on our list is the 1st. Player Firerose which is by far one of the best mechanical keyboards for those on a budget. I’m really excited to show you this inexpensive mechanical keyboard, so let’s go ahead and just get right to it.  The 1st. First Player Firerose comes in at a very reasonable price point for both the white and black version. The white keyboard looks really gorgeous, while the key caps have a nice slight transparency to them when illuminated in the dark making the backlighting look even all that much better.


The fire rose got a jump on me with its superb construction, and for under fifty-dollars, this mechanical keyboard has a nice weight to it with 0% flex.  Most mechanical keyboards at this price point feel flimsy and lightweight. The Fire Rose mechanical keyboard is rock-solid with a stylish exposed switch design that I truly love. These switches are mounted onto the metal back plate that runs the entire length of the keyboard which is where most of this guy’s weight comes from. Another thing about the white version is that the white back plate helps to accentuate the lighting by reflecting a lot more light than the black version does.


This good cheap mechanical keyboard has a nice five tone backlighting. These colors include blue, purple, red, pink and orange. The LEDs are cool looking and produce really vibrant colors clearly illuminating all of the key caps. So you just better make 100% sure that you like these colors because unfortunately that’s all you’re going to get. This is the only problem I have with this keyboard because there are no other backlighting effects. But after all, the 1st. Player Ergonomic Water Proof Firerose keyboard is an inexpensive mechanical keyboard.

Key Swicthes

The key caps are made out of solid ABS plastic with a slightly oversized font that’s not a bit over stylized. And with all due respect, I have to give 1st. Player credit for making sure all of the keyboard’s secondary functions are illuminated. The Firerose uses Teemu blue key switches which in my opinion, are actually pretty good, and help it rank high on our best cheap mechanical keyboard lineup.  These Teemu blue switches are housed in a solid clear plastic allowing the ambient lights to shine through making the LED lighting look even better. The tactile bump of these Teemu blue switches has a much louder tactile sound than cherry MX red switches.

Extra Features

One interesting feature of the 1st. Player Firerose is that it’s completely waterproof; thanks to the four large drain holes which are located right at the bottom of this mechanical keyboard.

Don’t expect miracles like dedicated macro’s or USB pass-through from this cheap mechanical keyboard. As a bonus, there is a keycap puller included and two rubberized pads underneath the keyboard which can be used with legs that extend to keep the keyboard from sliding around the desk. Apart from lacking a few features this is one of the best cheap mechanical keyboards with incredibly solid structural build, vibrant LED colors and Teemu Blue switches.


2. Velocifire VM01 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Brown Switches

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I love mechanical keyboards and so do you that’s why you are still reading this.  I know that you love cheap mechanical keyboards, especially the ones that won’t throw a tantrum during a heated battle.  The Velocifire mechanical keyboard sets this one apart from the other full size backlit mechanical keyboards.


As said before, this is a full-size backlit mechanical keyboard made out of plastic with no metal showing on the frame. Even with the plastic exterior it is quite heavy due to what is under the hood as it were. There are five rubber feet present under the keyboard so it’s not going anywhere when getting pushed during game play. The key caps are definitely made out of ABS plastic with a textured grain to it. It’s hard to describe but they actually feel kind of nice.


The LED’s are not that bright but they will obviously shine in darkness for those who like to burn the midnight oil with their keyboards. These LED lights have a sort of calm greenish florescent to it. I will call it some sort of greenish light because it looks like they’re trying to be more white than green. Beneath the key caps sits cherry MX brown switches. These MX Brown switches offers a bit of tactile feedback and is obviously not producing that clickety-clack sound so with this somewhat quieter version it’s fitting for office use.

This is a full-size backlit mechanical keyboard for under $40 which is hard to beat. The Velocifire VM01 is hard to beat at this ridiculous low price point. While the Velocifire VM01 doesn’t have any raised feet and the LED’s have a weird light blue color this is obviously a good looking best cheap mechanical keyboard for below $50.


3. Plugable Full Size 104-Key  Mechanical Keyboard for Typing Enthusiasts and Gamers

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The Plugable is a full-size 104 Key Mechanical Keyboard for those who like the mechanical feel when typing or hammering away on your FPS games. This keyboard consists of 104 LED backlit keys, blue mechanical switches with a lifespan of 50 million actuation’s. The keyboard is also very compact thus increasing important real estate on your desk for a pair of good looking computer speakers. For faster data transfer the Plugable Mechanical Keyboard is integrated with a 6ft / 1.8m gold plated USB connector.

Extra Features

Launching important functions like the calculator, e-mail, volume controls and web browsing can be access through the shortcut keys F1 – F12. The ergonomic design with ergonomic sculpted key caps also reduces hand fatigue during long periods of gaming. The feet also have rubber pads underneath it to prevent the keyboard from slipping.  This Plugable keyboard is a good option for a cheap mechanical keyboard.

Key Caps

Each of the keyboard’s keys is individually backlit with white LED’s while the key caps are molded with double shot transparent ABS plastic. These double shot characteristics prevent the lettering from fading making it into our top 3 list of best budget mechanical keyboards. While most budget mechanical keyboards only offer up to 6 roll over keys the Plungable Mechanical Keyboard has a micro-controller chip-set on-board which offers a full N-Key roll over and anti-ghosting for individual key switches. Included in the package as a bonus when purchasing the Plungable Full Size 104-Mechanical Keyboard you’ll receive a keycap puller to clean or install custom keycaps.

Final Thoughts

With so many mechanical keyboards on the market competing against each other it’s getting harder to spot the real one from the fake. The best mechanical keyboards consists of only a few things, reviews you can trust, a company that can backup each statement and most importantly customer satisfaction. Don’t forget to check out these top 3 best cheap mechanical keyboard we’ve reviewed above.