Seagate Does It Again – Unveiling Of Their New 60TB Solid State Drive

Seagate’s 60TB Solid State Drive – A Beast of a Drive

Remember the days when you thought that 80gig hard you had in your PC was like having Mount Everest in your rig well time flew so quickly that you’ll be able to have 75 hard drives cramp into one in your newly build rig. That is if you have some really big bucks stashed away somewhere to spend on this monster of a hard drive.

60TB Solid State Drive

The 60TB Solid State Drive was unveiled at the Flash Memory Summit in Silicon Valley. The drive has the power efficiency of 4TB (15 watts in total) and is available in a 3.5inch form factor. Seagate claims that the drive will be able to hold 400 million photos or 12 000 DVD’s. The drive will also support “hot” and “cold” data and above all it will let data centers’ easily swap out their old 3.5inch hard drives for Seagate’s 60 Terabyte Hard Drive.


This monster of a drive won’t come cheap (or you’ll just have to wait a really, really long time) for a massive price drop or you could just buy it for $10 000. The makers of this monstrous drive also claims that the design can be scaled up to 100 TB in the new future but first there is some work to do on the reliability of the 60 Terabyte Drive which will be available in 2017.


Seagate is also releasing three different models: the Barracuda Pro designed for personal computers, the IronWolf which is designed for NAS Servers and then we have the SkyWalk designed for storing multiple surveillance cams.


But until the 60 Terabyte is officially released for purchase the Samsung 15.36 Terabyte still hold the crown for the biggest SSD on the market. While we wait for Seagate’s beautiful monster drive there’s always cheaper options like these Solid State Drives for Gaming.