Ink Advantage Printers – Home Or Office Use

Considering buying an Ink Advantage from HP can be a great choice especially if you are running a small home base business or a small office where u need the big equipment that takes up a lot of space.


Ink Advantage printers come with a considerable amount of good specifications and are not all that difficult to use. I’ve been using the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2645 printer for nearly two years and without a shadow of a doubt I can recommend it to anyone interest in buy one.


Ink Advantage Printers – HP And Canon

I’ve been using the Canon Pixma Mp250 before I bought the HP Ink Advantage Printer and found that Ink Advantage Printer is more suitable and more Ink Advantage Printerssufficient than the Canon Pixma Mp250.


Why I choose the Ink Advantage Printer above the Canon Mp250 will be discussed in this post.


Style and Shape

The Mp250 has a more common flat shape with its control panel on top right bottom hand side of the printer which makes it a bit difficult to operate especially if the printer is set up higher above your eye level.


While the Hp Deskjet’s control panel is situated on the front left hand side of the printer giving you a better view while operating it. It is also more stylish and elegant with nice rounded edges. While the Canon Pixma Mp250 have a normal button interface the Deskjet Ink Advantage Printer Have a nice smooth touch screen button interface.

Print Speed

Comparing the two printers according to paper print speed the HP Printer gives the Mp250 a run for its money. The HP inkjet Printer can print up to 20 ppm (black) and 16 ppm (color) while the Canon prints only 7 ppm (black) and 4 ppm (color). With the Hp you’ll get an input tray of 250 pages so you can focus on other important things while printing. As for the Canon you’ll only get an input tray of 100 pages.



Both printers have the ability to copy, scan, and print but with the HP printer you’ll get an additional fax feature. Wireless printing is not available on both printers.


Both have flatbed scanners and but the Hp Advantage Printers have the ability to scan a file to Photo to File, Photo to E-mail, Document to File, Document to E-mail, Photo to TIF and Document to TIF.


If you scan a photo with the Hp Ink Advantage PrintersDeskjet 2645 Printer you’ll have the option to save the photo as it is or you can cut additional borders from the photo by dragging the cursor to the specific size that you want.


You’ll even have more option like the size of are that you want to scan, scanning in black and white or color, resolution type, file type and destination folder.

Again with all these functions that you can benefit from the ink advantage printer from HP it should be a sure buy. Read my review on these cheap multi-function wireless printers.


Printer Cartridge

Both printers use only two sets of cartridges, black and tri-color. Where the difference comes in is the price of these cartridges. The cartridges of the Canon is way too expensive while the cartridges of the HP printer is really affordable, almost half the prize of Canon cartridges.

In case you cannot afford to buy new cartridges you have the option to refill it buy buying the refill ink bottles from a registered trader.

I won’t recommend refilling cartridges for Canon because in some cases the printer will show a error code when replacing a refilled cartridge in its tanks. To clear these error messages you’ll need to search Google on how to do this.

On the other hand by refilling the cartridges of the HP printer you will forfeit the opportunity to receive certain rewards online from HP.



Installing these printers is really easy and forward. Insert the software disc that you’ll receive with your purchase and just follow the instructions. Also both printers come with a high speed USB cable, two ink cartridges (black and tri-color), the printer, and software disc and power cable. With the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2645 Printer you’ll receive additional cables for the use of faxing.



– Relatively cheaper
– Easy to install
– Border less printing


– Cartridges is expensive
– Don’t have fax capabilities
– Fewer functions
– Sometimes refilled will display error messages
– No wireless printing options


– Cartridges is relatively cheap
– Border less printing
– Easy to install
– Multi functional printer
– Easy to use interface
– Cartridges can be refilled


– A bit expensive
– You will lose rewards for installing refilled cartridges.
– No wireless printing options

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