Fixing A Slow Computer For Beginners

Fixing A Slow Computer For Beginners

I know that if you read this article that you’ve probably experience that when you start your computer that it runs slower than normal then you say to yourself that it worked perfectly just yesterday.




Well, in this article fixing a slow computer for beginners I will not only teach you how to fix a slow computer but I will show you what could be the cause of your computer running slower than normal and how to a help you avoid it in the near future.



Maintaining a computer so that it will perform at it’s best needs no high technical skills only a fair bit of knowledge and a desire to try out new things.

Hardware Problems

If you start your computer you should listen if you are not hearing any abnormal sound coming from your tower. If so, try to locate it (a power supply that is on the verge of crashing will make a really hard winding sound, and a hard drive will make a ticking noise).

If any of this occur it need to be replaced immediately to prevent any further damage. You may want to check out this post on buying the right power supply if you should decide on getting a new one. These computer parts run in correlation with each other.


Power Supply

The power supply is the component that distribute the power to each component in the computer and if it lacks power then it will automatically distribute lesser power to other components.

Storage / Hard Drives

The hard drive or also known as the storage space is the component that send the data to the motherboard to watch movies, play games, listen to music, etc. A ticking noise on the hard drive will delay the transfer time of the data which will result in a slower computer.


External hard drives is a great component to have for that extra space that you might need, but having too many or more that two can also create a delay while starting the computer and transferring files from one drive to another.

If you consider running multiple external hard drives at one time then you should consider buying a power supply with a maximum watt output of 550 or more just to maintain the level of power consumption.

De fragmenting your hard drives for optimal speed. The reason for this is over time files get clustered on the hard drives and tends to slow a computer enormously down. De fragmenting will help to restore old files that were damaged and compress files to run smoother.

Consider uninstalling programs that U do not use, this will speed up your computer not only while it is running but also when starting your computer.

The correct method of uninstalling programs is through the control panel navigate to the programs and features and just click on the unnecessary programs to uninstall.

Memory Cards

Memory cards also play a very important function in your computer. The memory cards are the component that gives the visual aspect to the computer. Running multiple programs at once by open one after the other slows a computer dramatically down.

You’ll often see a circle turning before a new program or page are loaded. I call it a state of freeze. Upgrading your memory cards will definitely help in the speed of loading multiple pages at once.

Personally, I prefer running at least 8 gigs of ram in my PC. Depending on your needs a may vary. Please refer to your documentation on what models you should buy.


Last but not the least is the processor. This component might be the smallest in your computer, but it is definitely the most powerful. The job of the processor is to let your computer run the specific program at an enormous speed. The more processing power the more advanced programs your PC can run.

More advanced programs get released daily which require more compatible components and computers.

In our next post, I will discuss more antivirus programs and the effect it has on computers.

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