Pink Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set Under $50

Kids will be kids and no matter how we as parents try to mix and match their colors they will always have an excuse to have a bright fun and funky color either as an accessory to their wardrobe or as an accessory for their Smart Phones. I can imagine every time you walk into your daughter’s bedroom your eyes get stuck on that old traditional black keyboard and mouse that is almost as old as me (not that I am that old). As you know bringing new life into a room can only be done by some bright and fun colors, and that is why I researched a few Pink Keyboard and Mouse Combo sets to help you with that makeover.



Azio Pink Keyboard and Mouse Set

Pink Keyboard and Mouse

I am sure that your kids will fall in love with this candy pink keyboard and mouse set and don’t forget the hugs and kisses that will follow you for the rest of you days.


This wireless keyboard and mouse set comes in two gorgeous colors, candy pink and lime green that will give any room a warm and cushy feeling. The keyboard and mouse are made of durable plastic and is very lightweight for easy portability. Pairing the combo set is made simple through the unified USB transceiver.


You might be thinking by now that you’ll spend most of your time cleaning these items because of their light colors, but with the Chiclet-style and island keys makes it almost impossible to get dirt between the keys.


• Bright and fun colors
• 2.4 GHz Wireless connection
• One Unified USB transceiver
• Adjustable tilt legs


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Pink Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Set

Pink Keyboard and Mouse

Do your kids constantly spill water or drinks on their keyboard and ultimately causing keyboard failure, then this ultra-thin waterproof keyboard could be just what you need. This mouse and keyboard connects wirelessly through a 2.4 GHz connection and can work up to 10 meters in distance.


While most low-cost keyboard and mouse sets can only connect with a PC this set is also capable of connecting to a tablet and Android TV Box. As we all know, constantly replacing batteries can add up to a small fortune especially if we forget to switch the keyboard and mouse off if we go to bed. The auto sleep function reduces the chances of constantly buying new sets of batteries and saving you a ton of money in the long run.


This is a decent and modern design QWERTY keyboard and mini wireless mouse with a decent price tag and will make a awesome birthday present.


• Decent and modern design
• 2.4 GHz connection of up to 10 meters
• Auto sleeping mode
• Plug and play
• Compatible with Laptops, Desktops, and intelligent television sets


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Pink Mouse and Keyboard Combo

Pink Keyboard and Mouse

This multi-coloring gaming keyboard from HAVIT consists of 19 anti-ghosting keys which make it a professional gaming keyboard. This multi-coloring backlit gaming keyboard can switch between two various colors like medium light, high light, and breath mode.


The auto sleep mode can be activated by pressing any keys after the sleep mode is activated when the keyboard is not being used for 10 minutes.
The mouse is engineered with super laser engine technology for a more smooth and free movement. The concrete and steady design of the mouse after body cares for a more accurate and responsive click.


While the matching mouse has four breathing lights Red, Blue, Purple and Pink it has a DPI of 2400 with four preset levels to choose from. This professional pink keyboard and mouse set comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a full 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


• Multi-coloring backlit with professional gaming membrane
• 19 anti-ghosting keys
• 2400 DPI mouse with 4 preset levels
• Sleep mode
• 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty


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Check out these three Pink Keyboard and Mouse Combo Sets that I researched above and let me know what you think of them. Please don’t forget to share this article with someone you know which might find it helpful.